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Experiences with Eyewitness Testimony. An Interview with Attorney James Oliver. Oliver answers the question, "During your years defending clients after use of force incidents, how accurate were the memories of people who had used force?" (Dec 2019)

The Value of Force-on-Force Training by Marty Hayes, J.D. The Legal Value. Evaluating Force-on-Force Training. Successfully Putting on Force-on-Force Training. (Nov 2019)

Strategies to Escape an Active Shooter. An Interview with Ed Monk. Broader strategies including what to do if not carrying guns due to restrictions as found in most schools, for example. (Oct 2019)

Summer Carry Compromises. An Interview with Massad Ayoob. Don’t be unprepared to save your life just because you think it’s too hot to carry. These strategies can help you figure out alternative guns as well as holsters. (Aug 2019

Defending Legal Rights Early in the Process. An Interview with Attorney Jason Short. The importance of getting an attorney working on your behalf quickly after use of force in self defense seems like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of people wait until their court date looms.(Jul 2019

Mental Preparation for Self Defense. An Interview with Tom Givens. Understanding why the mindset for self-defense is critical for saving your life. (Jun 2019)

Non-Emergency Police Contact: An Interview with Massad Ayoob. As with so many armed lifestyle challenges, the manner in which the armed citizen comports him- or herself is the key to avoiding trouble. (May 2019)

Beneath the Radar. An Interview with Ed Lovette. Learn how to go about your day blending in so predators won’t notice you, while also understanding warning signs you should look for. (Apr 2019)

The Anatomy of a Self-Defense Shooting. The story of Spencer Newcomer and how he came to shoot his neighbor, the trial, and the aftermath. (Jan 2019-Part 1) (Feb 2019 - Part 2) (Mar 2019 - Part 3)

President's Message

President's Message: Red Flag Laws. Criminal Acts Prohibition. (Dec 2019)

President's Message: A Nice Thank You. Political Strife in America. Still No Word from the Insurance Commissioner. (Nov 2019)

President's Message: Discussion on use of force against a dog. Update on Insurance Commissioner. (Oct 2019)

President's Message: No News on OIC Investigation. Service With a Personal Touch. (Sep 2019)

President's Message: Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner Investigation. (Aug 2019

President's Message: Setting the Record Straight on the NRA. Training Season in Full Swing. (Jul 2019)

President's Message: Thoughts on the NRA Annual Meeting. You Can't Save Them All. (Jun 2019)

President's Message: Legal Defense Fund Tops Two Million Dollars. (May 2019

President's Message: A Big Thank You. Use of Deadly Force Instructor Courses. (Apr 2019)

President's Message: Will You Help Spencer? (Mar 2019)

President's Message: State of the Industry. About "Self-Defense Insurance". (Feb 2019)

President's Message: Reading "The Anatomy of a Self-Defense Shooting." Using the Emergency Number on Your Membership Card. SHOT Show 2019. (Jan 2019) 

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: In many states, a person has committed the crime of assault when he or she verbalized a threat of force accompanied by threatening. This can create a problem when an armed citizen only puts his or her hand on the grip of the holstered pistol and gives verbal commands to stop a threat without actually drawing the gun. If a citizen in your area does that, with what crime are they likely to be charged? If convicted, what is the likely punishment? What should a Network member do to avoid facing charges after that kind of situation? (Oct 2019 - Part 3(Sept 2019 - Part 2(Aug 2019 - Part 1

Attorney Question of the Month: Is bail bonding allowed in your state? If not, what options exist for a defendant to be released from jail following self defense gun use? Typically, what conditions, restrictions or allowances affect bail if the defendant has used a gun against another human? When you counsel clients and their families, what “reality checks” do you explain to dispel unrealistic expectations? (Jul 2019 - Part 2) (Jun 2019 - Part 1

Attorney Question of the Month: What are a citizen’s options when the police knock on the door with a warrant and want to confiscate the citizen’s guns? Assuming the guns are securely locked in a gun safe, do you advise the citizen to comply and open the safe? What consequences do you anticipate would result from refusing to open a safe? (May 2019 - Part 2(Apr 2019 - Part 1

Attorney Question of the Month: What circumstances if any might lead you to ask for a bench trial to have a judge make a finding about criminal charges stemming from use of force in self defense, as opposed to trying the case before a jury? What rationale drives your preference for a jury trial or for a bench trial? (Mar 2019 - Part 2(Feb 2019 - Part 1

Attorney Question of the Month: We understand that law firms are busy places focused on defending people with current legal problems. How do you recommend a Network member who does not have a pending legal issue connect with an attorney for a brief consultation to be sure the member understands their state’s self- defense laws, while getting to know the attorney they'll call to protect their rights after self defense? (Jan 2019 - Part 2)(Dec 2018 - Part 1)

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review: Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training by Karl Rehn and John Daub. Why we need to move beyond state-mandated minimums to pursue skill growth. (Dec 2019

Book/Audio Review: The Trayvon Hoax Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America by Joel Gilbert. Analysis of a trial hijacked for political gain(Nov 2019)

Book Review: Guns and Self-Defense: 23 Inspirational True Crime Stories of Survival with Firearms by Robert A. Waters and Sim Waters. Stories from a cross-section of American citizenry – poor people, blue collar workers and professionals, retired people, single moms, and caring neighbors, defending neighbors who are being harmed. (Oct 2019)

Book Review: Guardian of the Republic by Lt. Col. Allen West. Col. West explains the thought processes the founders went through to create our country, factors they based their ideas on, and how it is often mistaken as a democracy instead of a republic. (Sep 2019)

Book Review: Prairie Defender: The Murder Trials of Abraham Lincoln by George R Dekle, Sr. look back at trial law from earlier times, through the lens of Abraham Lincoln’s law practice. (Aug 2019)

Book Review: The Heritage Guide to the Constitution. Edited by David F. Forte and Matthew Spalding. Highly recommended reading to learn more about the Constitution. (Jul 2019)

Book Review: Crime Signals. How to Spot a Criminal Before You Become a Victim by David B. Givens, PhD. Almost all criminals give some sort of signal before they commit their crime. Learn which signs to look for. (Jun 2019)

Book Review: Surviving The Age of Fear by William D. Langlois. A former undercover police officer posing as a fragile old man tells how robbers choose their victims and how the elderly can avoid becoming their next target. (May 2019)

Video Review: Up Close with John Farnam. Farnam talks about carrying, training, expectations, and reality. (Apr 2019)

Book Review: The Emergency Survival Manual: 294 Life-Saving Skills by Joseph Pred. This manual is like a map of numerous risks one might face over the course of a long and interesting life, outlined in little briefings that lend themselves to quick review. (Mar 2019)

Book Review: The Concealed Handgun Manual by Chris Bird. Bird shares a lifetime of training and shooting experience with new concealed carry practitioners. This book addresses much more than guns and holsters, although there is plenty to get new practitioners off to a good start with their carry gear, too. (Feb 2019)

Book Review: Violence of Mind: Training and Preparation for Extreme Violence By Varg Freeborn. The author's analysis of techniques and tactics, principles and procedures could change what you seek and what you take away from your next self-defense class. (Jan 2019)