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by Marty Hayes, J.D.

Are you a compassionate gun owner? I hope so, as compassion for our fellow humans is one of the traits which sets us apart from the dregs of society–murderers, rapists, burglars, robbers and the like. Additionally, in our society humans also tend to band together, depending on a myriad of likes, needs and interests. One of those areas of interest is guns. A subset of guns is armed self defense. In fact, the existence of the Network and the way our 17,000+ members have banded together is a clear example of this societal phenomenon.

So, what does this have to do with the Network?

If you have been paying attention to this eJournal for the past three months, you have read the first-hand account from both the armed citizen and his attorney, describing how one of our fellow gun owners who did absolutely nothing wrong, was arrested, jailed and prosecuted for the crime of murder.

As the installments of this story have related, I worked as an expert on Spencer Newcomer’s defense, and I will tell you that I have never worked on a case which was so clearly a case of malicious prosecution of a totally innocent individual. That type of case is the reason I came up with the idea of the Network, and why we have since poured our hearts, souls and life’s work into the Network, making sure it grows into a positive force in people’s lives.

Will You Help Spencer?

In the foregoing pages, the last installment of the three-part series about Spencer’s defense discusses the life-altering effects (both psychological and physical) of the aftermath of the ordeal he went through. “There but for the grace of God go I” is the phrase that comes to mind. Spencer was not a wealthy individual when this occurred, but I estimate he had a lifestyle much like that of the average Network member. He was a Corvette collector, shooter and gun owner. He owned his own house, had a loving family (who came to his aid as much as they could) and was in a relationship with a supportive and loving lady. Unfortunately, he was not a member of Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. All that, except for his loving family, has changed for Spencer. As a result, this President’s Message is a plea for Network members to help out a fellow gun owner.

Can you spare $10 or $20 dollars to show that we Network members care about our fellow armed citizens? We have started a GoFundMe page through which our members can demonstrate their compassion. We are not asking for a large cash donation, just a few bucks to help out a brother of the gun who could use a little assistance. Out first goal is to raise $8,000 to pay off Spencer’s attorney, Chris Ferro, who knowing just how innocent Spencer was, allowed him to rack up a legal bill that is beyond his means to pay. I have been to Mr. Ferro’s law office, and it is not the palatial digs that many attorneys have. Instead, Mr. Ferro’s office is a rather modest affair, and I am sure that he could make good use of the balance owing on Spencer’s bill. We’d like to facilitate that effort and have already privately contributed.

I dream big, so secondly, I would like to also raise some funds to help Spencer get through what I hope may be his last surgery. How much? I have no idea, as that goal will be up to Network members. If only 1,000 members (remember there are 17,000 of us) drop him a $20 bill, we can raise $20 grand. That seems like a good goal, but there is no reason we could not also exceed that goal. We will keep the GoFundMe page open for three months, so readers who are short on cash themselves can save a bit and hit it in a month or two.

If and when you donate, please leave a note for Spencer, so he can see just how much his story has resonated with you, and how much you appreciate his openness and what he has shared. Thank you in advance for your support and compassion for Spencer.

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