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Top Three Errors Armed Citizens Make in Self Defense. An Interview with Marty Hayes, J.D. Marty talks about the most prominent lessons he’s learned that can keep armed citizens out of court. (Dec 2017)

An Attorney Reflects on Gun Modifications. An Interview with Mark Seiden. Discussion about what kind of gun modifications could be used against you in court, and why. (Nov 2017)

Fact-based Decision Making. An Interview with Attorney Peter Georgiades. Discussion on situational awareness and making the best decision you can to defend your life. (Oct 2017)

Safety in Airports and Other Non-Permissive Environments by Mike Wood. Things to think about and watch for when you are traveling. (Sep 2017)

Preparation to Stop a Mass Shooter. An Interview with Marty Hayes.  Marty discusses the kinds of trainings that are most beneficial to students. (Aug 2017)

Rifles for Defense. An Interview with John and Vicki Farnam. The Farnams talk about the advantages of adding a rifle to your self-defense capabilities. (Jul 2017)

Open Letter to NRA Board: See Marty's letter to the NRA concerning Carry Guard. (Jul 2017)

Defending Knife Use. An Interview with Attorney Jim Fleming. While one would think defending knife use would be easier than gun use, Fleming explains the issues and perceptions that have to be overcome. (Jun 2017)

The Role of the Expert Witness Part 2. An Interview with Emanuel Kapelsohn. Continued discussion of the critical role the expert witness plays in a trial. (May 2017

The Role of the Expert Witness. An Inteview with Emanuel Kapelsohn. The critical role the expert witness plays in trial preparation. (Apr 2017)

Beefing Up Home Security by Benjamin Jolly. What equipment should you add to your home security system? (Apr 2017)

Armed at Home: Strategic Realities. An Interview with Massad Ayoob. What should you do if you get an unexpected knock on the door? Should you have a gun in your hand? What are the pitfalls of doing so? (Mar 2017)

Considerations About Stopping a Mass Shooting. An Interview with Tom Givens. Discussion on making the decision on whether to run or engage, legal and moral requirements, training, and interaction with the police arriving on the scene. (Feb 2017)

The Network Track Record: Benefits. Real life experience. It's not all about shootings. Defensive display. Felonious assault charges pending. Responding to home invasions. A closing synopsis. (Jan 2017)

State of the Network: A little bit about the history of the Network, and where we are now. (Jan 2017)

President's Message 

President’s Message: Openness. (Dec 2017)

President's Message: We Get Letters! (Nov 2017)

President's Message: Cases dismissed. Working with Other Companies. Other Legal Issues. (Oct 2017)

President's Message: Denny's or the Corner Diner? More About the NRA. (Sep 2017

President's Message: Use of Deadly Force Instructor Course. The Polite Society Podcast. Just a Little on NRA Carry Guard. (Aug 2017)

President's Message: Responses to Marty's letter to the NRA. (Jul 2017)

President's Message: Report on the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting. Where Does That Leave the Network? 2017 NRA Board of Directors Meeting. Don't Be Fooled by the Pretty Face. About That Legal Defense Aspect? My Open Letter to Wayne La Pierre. (Jun 2017)

President's Message: New signs at local credit union. Are you a shooter? (May 2017)

President's Message: Marty's trip to Rangemaster Tactical Conference. (Apr 2017)

President's Message: Hickok 45, Colion Noir, Paul Lathrop, and a little politics. (Mar 2017)

President's Message: Thoughts from SHOT Show. Blade-Tech gun belt. Sheriff Jim Wilson. New Smith and Wesson revolver. (Feb 2017)

President's Message: The many benefits of community involvement. We are a multi-cultural nation. Back to Masonry. See you at SHOT! (Jan 2017)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: Suppose that a member keeps an extensive collection of legal rifles, shotguns and handguns locked in a safe, and uses his or her carry gun in justifiable self defense. Can the gun collection be discussed in a trial to suggest to a jury that the armed citizen is a blood-thirsty monster, not a good member of the community? How would a prosecutor or plaintiff’s attorney introduce that line of reasoning? If defending the member, how would you counter the accusation if it arose? (Dec 2017 - Part 3)(Nov 2017 - Part 2)(Oct 2017 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: Would the armed citizen likely face criminal charges for the collateral damage, and/or incur civil liability for that stray bullet? (Sep 2017 - Part 2) (Aug 2017 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: An armed citizen who carries a trauma kit justifiably shoots an assailant, then calls 9-1-1. From a legal viewpoint, what are the possible benefits and risks of treating the gunshot wound while waiting for the first reponsders? (Jul 2017 - Part 2) (Jun 2017 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: In your state, does the private armed citizen have any legal obligation to act in a situation where he/she observes and might be able to stop a violent attack against another person? Are you aware of any case in which a citizen has been held liable for injuries or harm to another to whom he or she had no prior obligation, as would be created between doctor and patient, for example? (May 2017 - Part 2) (Apr 2017 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: How many of our affiliated attorneys have been involved in self-defense cases where they have made motions to the court for a jury visit to the crime scene? What issues were they attempting to resolve with the visit? What sort of success did they have with the court in getting the motion granted? What limitations were they confronted with during the visit? (Mar 2017)

Attorney Question of the Month: If I am the legal owner of a suppressor that is kept on my defense gun, and I use that suppressed firearm in self-defense, what if any additional legal issues might I face in the aftermath? Are you aware of any self-defense cases in which use of a suppressor was a factor in either the charging decision or in court? (Feb 2017 - Part 2) (Jan 2017 - Part 1)

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review: Prosilience: Building Your Resilience for a Turbulent World by Linda L. Hoopes. PhD. Learn how to practice handling small challenges to build skills for resilience in handling larger issues. (Dec 2017)

Book Review: Beyond the Picket Fence. Life Outside the Middle-Class Bubble. Edited by Marc MacYoung. A fascinating education about unspoken rules, societal differences, values, and boundaries. (Nov 2017)

Book Review: Urban Rifle: 45 Years of Teaching and Training by Clint Smith. Many people only think of handguns for self-defense but Smith explains that a rifle can be better, defines how and why, along with choices of rifles and accessories. (Oct 2017)

Book Review: When Deadly Force is Involved. A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and Other Questions of Self-Defense by Bruce M. Lawlor. Understand reasonable and necessary deadly force, and how it is judged, through various stories and situations. (Sep 2017)

Book Review: Finishing Machine by Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner. The case of the shooting of an unarmed man, and the roadblocks to the defense. (Aug 2017)

Book Review: Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know. Edited by Massad Ayoob. Twelve subject matter experts provide their expertise to survive life-threatening events. (Jul 2017)

Book Review: Sentinel. Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail by Patrick McNamara.  A quick and engaging read about safety and survival. (Jun 2017)

Book Review: The Missing American Jury: Restoring the Fundamental Constitutional Role of the Criminal, Civil, and Grand Juries by Suja A. Thomas. A fascinating history of how juries were originally intented to operate and how that has changed over the years. (May 2017)

Book Review: Live Fire Drill Cards and Handgun Training Log by Steve Barnett. A great system to practice in an orderly progression with focus and purpose. (Apr 2017)

Book Review: Watch Your Back: How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Moments in Daily Life by Roger Eckstine. Scenarios and suggestions for safety in various situations such as in and around cars or selling real estate. (Mar 2017)

Book Review: Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing by Dave Grossman and Kristine Paulsen. How video games can affect a child's brain and real actionable solutions to help stem future violence and other mental health problems. (Feb 2017)