The Network's membership journal is presented on the 1st of each month, and is packed with columns from Network leaders, interviews with firearms and training experts and personalities, monthly column featuring our Network affiliated attorneys' answers to various questions, book and DVD reviews and other important reading for the armed citizen. It is edited by Gila Hayes, well-respected author, trainer and freelance gunwriter.

Please note: Prior to December 2011 we published our Journals soley as downloadable PDF files; we are in the process of breaking this content out into text to improve access and site search capabilities

December 2008

Including...    • You Have the Right to Remain Silent • Defending Self Defense Knife Use: An Interview with Marc MacYoung

November 2008

Including...    • Controlling Fear • Autogenic Breathing for Fear Control • Media Coverage of Network • Columns by Network Leadership

October 2008

Including...    • Finding an Attorney • The Bible and Self Defense (Part 5) • Reloading Ammunition (Part 2)

September 2008

Including...    • Selecting the Right Self-Defense Equipment • Holsters: A Primer on Concealed Carry • The Bible and Self Defense (Part 4) • Rural MT Gunstore is Breath of Fresh Air Download

August 2008

Including...    • Self-Defense Tools: An Interview with Massad Ayoob • The Bible and Self Defense (Part 3)

July 2008

Including...    • Justice Scalia and the Heller Decision • Own the Night • The Bible and Self Defense (Part 2) • Attorneys Comment on DVD Content

June 2008

Including...    • Network Producing Educational DVDs • Tom Gresham: Doing the Impossible One Step at a Time • Sandburr Gun Ranch: Visiting an Alternate Reality • The Bible and Self Defense (Part 1)