The Network's membership journal is presented on the 1st of each month, and is packed with columns from Network leaders, interviews with firearms and training experts and personalities, monthly column featuring our Network affiliated attorneys' answers to various questions, book and DVD reviews and other important reading for the armed citizen. It is edited by Gila Hayes, well-respected author, trainer and freelance gunwriter.

December 2009

Including...    • Attorney Writes About Defending Against False Accusations (Part 1) • Carry License Reciprocity • Network Affiliated Attorneys Write About Defendant Experience in Court

November 2009

Including...    • Speak to Law Enforcement--or Remain Silent? • Columns from Network Leadership • Network Affiliated Attorneys Views on Role of Attorneys in Society Download

October 2009

Including...    • Ken Hackathorn on Training for Real-Life • Network President on Defense Gun Appearances • Training: A Journal, Not an Event

September 2009

Including...    • Training Women: An Interview with Vicki Farnam • Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 6) and more

August 2009

Including...    • Personal Defense with Unarmed Partners • Wanted: Convictions at Any Price • Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 5)

July 2009

Including...    • Courtroom Defenses for the Innocent: An Interview with Massad Ayoob • New Network Benefit Announced • Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 4)

June 2009

Including...    • Shotguns for Home Defense: An Interview with Tom Givens • Report on the Network at the Annual NRA Meeting • Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 3)

May 2009

Including...    • Michael Bane Showcases Guns and Shooting on TV • Member Background Check Policy Revised •  Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 2) Download

April 2009

Including...• Rifles for Self Defense: An Interview with John Farnam •  Attorney's Viewpoint: Concealed Carry Issues (Part 1)

March 2009

Including...    • TV Show "Best Defense: Highlights Tactics •  Attorney's Viewpoint: Defending the Workplace

February 2009

Including...    • Interview with Buz Mills of Gunsite Training Academy • Support Military Snipers and Win a Gun! • A Non-Gear Guy's Look at SHOT Show

January 2009

Including...    • Network Reviews Successful First Year • Concealed Carry in Parks? •  Columns from Network Leadership • Book Review