The Network is supported by an Advisory Board comprised of leaders in the firearms and self-defense field. In this program, Network President Marty Hayes, J.D. moderates a series of short interviews with Advisory Board Members, including–

Dennis Tueller explains the history and intent of his studies in the proxemics that resulted in the Tueller Principle.

Tom Givens sketches out common factors in the 52 shootings in which his students have been involved and draws many lessons.

John Farnam advises members on lifestyle and habits to avoid attracting the attention of human predators.

Massad Ayoob defines and teaches how to identify and explain furtive movements an assailant may make just before presenting a weapon to do you harm. Click read more for video clips and further details.

Proxemics: The Tueller Principle

Dennis Tueller tells the history of what has come to be known as the Tueller Drill and why he prefers the term “Tueller Principle.” Today, this demonstration helps the trier of fact understand how quickly an aggressor can lunge from a stationary position and harm you with a contact weapon.


Commonalities in Armed Citizens' Shootings

Tom Givens, founder of the Rangemaster training enterprise, speaks about shootings in which 52 of his students (of whom Givens knows) have been involved since he opened Rangemaster in 1996. The students come from all across the demographic spectrum. Amongst principles these incidents illustrate include consistently carrying your gun, seeing and reading situations and responding correctly.

The Stealth Lifestyle

John Farnam, a veteran of 40 years law enforcement work and owner/operator of Defense Training International firearms training company, discusses life style choices focused on avoiding attention from criminals. He discusses disengaging from predators testing the potential victim, and practicing verbal responses to do so, along with a variety of other life skills to fly below the radar and avoid ever being selected by a predator, as he discusses in this excerpt–

Furtive Movement Shootings

Massad Ayoob speaks on furtive movement shootings, exploring how a furtive movement is legally and practically defined. Through this subject, he explores how and why the legal profession misunderstands self-defense law and the best strategy for educating them.

Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network founders J. Vincent Shuck, Gila Hayes, and Marty Hayes close out this member education video. For previews of the other member education lectures, click here.