Presented by Marty Hayes, J.D.

The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc. is the brainchild of the Network’s President, Marty Hayes, who, after founding and running a successful firearms training business (The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.) for many years, began to pursue solutions to post-shooting legal issues his students and other armed citizens might face. In 2003, Hayes, who for many years had worked as an expert witness in firearms-related cases, earned a law degree. During this time, the idea of the Network was born. Upon graduation in 2007, he and two partners introduced the Network.

Hayes brings 20 years experience as a professional firearms instructor, 30 years in law enforcement and his knowledge of the legal profession both as an expert witness and his legal education to the leadership of the Network.

In this lesson he introduces:

  • Structure and foundations of use of force law
  • How to research statutory and case law of your own state
  • The Reasonable Man doctrine
  • How to apply Ability/Opportunity/Jeopardy to the self-defense decision
  • Duty to Retreat
  • The Castle Doctrine
  • Initial Aggressor

These are but a few of the topics discussed in this detailed lecture, focused on increasing Network members' understanding of the legal issues that attach to use of force in self defense. For previews of the other member education lectures, click here.