This member education program features a discussion with attorneys James Fleming and Royce Ferguson, moderated by Network President Marty Hayes. This lesson covers a wide array of topics, including--

  • No such thing as a “good” shoot – and why you need to avoid using that term.

  • What to expect immediately after a shooting.
  • What do prosecutors look for when deciding whether to file charge.
  • Why you should worry if you are not arrested and why you still need to hire an attorney.
  • Why you must keep quiet about your incident and why you cannot talk about it even with friends and family.
  • Investigation, charging, pre-trial, pleas, trial, jury selection.

  •  Burden of proof and the affirmative defense.

  • Advance preparations the gun owner can make before self defense.

  • Civil litigation.
  • What is brandishing?
  • Unreliability of eye witnesses.

Plus Q & A between the attorneys and a live audience. For previews of our other member education lectures, click here.