Compiled by Josh Amos and Gila Hayes

We have been having a lot of fun here at the Network offices, now that Josh is on the team! With a team member dedicated to affiliate matters, our interaction with the good men and women who have long been telling armed citizens in their communities about us has gone up about 1000%!

Lloyd Mitchell has been a member and affiliated instructor with the Network for years. Lately, Lloyd has transitioned from teaching to purveying shooting accessories and need-to-haves for the shooting community.

Lloyd doesn’t sell firearms or receivers, but he does sell just about everything else. Lloyd’s company is Tactical Gear and Accessories and his website is

Lloyd has graciously offered a discount to all our Network members on all products offered on his site. Network members can access his coupon code at So log in to the Armed Citizens’ Network and do some business with a fellow Network member at a good price. Take that, Amazon! Lloyd is out-doing you, here!

Many of the other responses to Josh’s outreach have been just as heartwarming. For example Bill at Mr. Bill’s Arms in Kelso, WA wrote us a few words about his little gun shop through which he promotes gun safety as well as Network membership: “I am a very small one man shop, with an O1 FFL, and an 06 FFL for munitions I custom make for customers, mostly hunting ammo, varmint and long range shooting, quite a bit of handgun, too,” he explained. “I do limited gunsmith work in my machine shop on a limited basis, I don’t advertise but only by word of mouth, and after over 10 years, have more customers than I can take care of, but it is my joy to run a little shop, and try to make sure firearms safety is paramount and the responsible use of arms.”

Self-defense training is a lot more than just going to the pistol range! I love the blended curriculum presented by Dave Jenkins, Ian Scott, Wendy Saetta and the rest of Dave’s crew at Rochester Personal Defense in Rochester, NY. Their course catalog has a huge variety of concealed carry, Krav Maga, ladies only, reality-based training and tactics, first aid and emergency prepping, pepper spray, rifle and shotgun courses, to name only a few. Check out his program at As if he does not have enough going on, Dave is also helping facilitate the yearly conference for the American Women’s Self Defense Association, this year in Seattle, WA on August 4-7. Learn more about AWSDA at - !upcoming-events/c7mv and get involved!

We sure do appreciate the efforts of Isaac Espejo, who keeps the Network’s materials on display at Henderson, NV’s Green Valley Range, a great looking facility (see In addition, Isaac teaches gun safety classes on his own and takes the Network’s materials to his students in that format, too.

Over the years we’ve developed some great affiliations with members who are involved with ranges. Just this last month, we set up several with more booklets, point of sale display materials and brochures. Randy Lauer at Thunder Alley in Lincoln, NE is one. He maintains a very active Facebook page or if you don’t do Facebook, check out his training and range event schedule at

Network President Marty Hayes is moderating a Facebook site for our Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation on which our affiliated instructors are sharing learning tips and other valuable knowledge. Marty keeps the posts clean and instructional as he does on our use of force Facebook page. Check it out at

Affiliates, please send us an email if you have any special events like open houses, seminars, classes or other interesting tidbits that we can announce in this column. If announcing an event, about 60 days advance notice is best since we publish only once a month.

Also, please let us know when you need more copies of our Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law and our tri-fold brochures by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 360-978-5200.

We’re all in this together! Let’s work as a team to get the word out so armed citizens in your community have a better understanding of lawful, judicious use of deadly force and what to expect in the aftermath.

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