Compiled by Josh Amos

A big hello to all of our affiliates! This is my last Networking column for 2016 and what a year it has been for all of us. I want to start out by saying that the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network is growing bigger and stronger each week thanks to the support of our wonderful affiliates.

As many of you know, each team member at the Network is a shooter and the Network was created by shooters and for shooters. We are not an insurance reseller looking to grab a few bucks off of “gun people.” When we decided to grow the Network, instead of putting out a cattle call for just anyone, we decided to keep our membership standards high and lead our growth efforts with our core values of responsibility, education, quality training, and engagement. This serves to make a better and stronger Network for all of us.

The Network appreciates the efforts our affiliates make in promoting the Network to the best of the armed citizenry. This is how the Network will progress in 2017 and beyond: with the best affiliates passing the best information on to the best of the armed citizenry.

We are happy to have a new trainer affiliated with the Network. If you are in the Albuquerque, NM area and want to learn new shooting skills or sharpen up some old shooting skills, give a call to Oscar Sanchez and his team at Quiet Professional Defense. This team has an extensive background and they are proud to share their experience and training with all of their students. In addition, they have a passion to help veterans transition their skills from the needs of the military to the realities of being an armed citizen that resonates with me personally.

Quiet Professional Defense was created in 2013 and now offers  courses teaching the defensive implementation of firearms, including handgun, carbine, shotgun, and precision rifle. They also teach the New Mexico Concealed Carry and strive to share their knowledge and experience with the legally armed American citizen. Learn more at If I was in the area, I am sure that Quiet Professional Defense would be getting some of my money. Give them a call.

I want to recognize another Network Affiliated Instructor, too. Will Cambell operates his own teaching enterprise, Armed Safely, and is also one of the instructors at Action Impact in Detroit, MI. Action Impact is a top of the line shooting facility and gun shop with classes teaching gun owners at a variety of skill levels, from introductory courses, to concealed carry training, to a class entitled Stand Your Ground Laws teaching the legalities, tactics and shooting skills of using defensive deadly force.

The Network has enjoyed working with Will over the years via long distance phone calls. He has never been anything but professional, articulate, and easy to work with…everything that you want in an instructor. I am willing to bet that he is the kind of instructor that will do a good job no matter if he is working with a first time shooter who is trying to learn CCW basics, or an experienced shooter who wants to iron out a flaw so they can move up to the next level of competition. If you are in the Detroit area, stop in to the Action Impact Range and say “Hi” to Will for us! See

I want to close by acknowledging the Armed Citizens’ Network very generous affiliates, and the many contributions we’ve received in the past months to help pay for our Foundation’s booklet, What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know about Self-Defense Law. It is not at all unusual for me to tell a firearms instructor who wants to know how much a dozen copies will cost him or her that we will be happy to send them any reasonable quantity at no charge, but that we do appreciate donations to defray the expense. Learn more about the Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation at and if you, too, value access to our free booklet, please know that we always appreciate tax-deductible contributions to help carry on this educational effort.

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