Marty Hayes

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

No News on Insurance Commissioner Fight

We still haven’t heard a word about our appeal to the WA State Div. II Court of Appeals. It has now been four months. Hopefully, we will be reporting good news soon.

New Educational Video Coming Soon

Just last week, Massad Ayoob and I filmed another educational video, this one centered around the issue of using deadly force against someone attacking with bare fists (think George Zimmerman). The project is now being edited and produced and should be able to be distributed soon. Look forward to the link being sent to members via e-mail.

In addition to this roughly hour-long production, Ayoob also participated in a Zoom discussion with Arizona attorney Marc Victor, and that discussion should be up on YouTube now. Do a YouTube search for Marc Victor/Massad Ayoob or keep an eye out for it on Victor's YouTube channel at . The topic of the video was a discussion on what to say to the police after a self-defense shooting. Victor is a strong proponent of just saying nothing to the police, allowing yourself to be arrested and calling your attorney. Then your attorney will discuss your case with the prosecutor and hopefully charges will be dismissed.

It is our belief that unless you give a brief statement explaining what the individual you used force against was doing that caused you to fear for your life, you will likely be arrested. Shooting someone is a crime, and unless the police know the totality of the circumstances, they will arrest based on what they have. Go back and review the second video in our member-education lecture series, Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting if you are not perfectly clear on this point.

Thanks to Sheriff Jim Wilson

In my formative years as a firearms instructor, I used to read a lot of gun magazines and of my favorite reads was the work of Jim Wilson. Something about how and what he wrote connected with me, and now, 30 + years later, I am privileged to call him a friend. The Network supports his Internet blog at and we privately communicate several times a year.

This month, Jim agreed to discuss a topic of which he is imminently qualified, that being home security. In the rural, West Texas area he worked and lived for most of his life, he investigated countless burglaries, both with the residents gone and some when the residents were at home. This interview is a very valuable article, and I hope each member of the Network reads through it and takes it to heart, implementing much of the advice he offers. Especially the one about being armed.

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