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You Have the Right to Remain Silent. Should you talk to the police if you are involved in a self-defense incident? (Dec 2008)

Defending Self Defense Knife Use: An Interview with Marc MacYoung. MacYoung answers the question, "How do the courts view using a knife compared to using a gun to fight off an assailant?" (Dec 2008)

Controlling Fear by Tom Givens. How to face fear so that it doesn't cripple you in a self-defense situation. (Nov 2008) 

Autogenic Breathing For Fear Control by Gila Hayes. How autogenic breathing can help with fear in a life or death situation. (Nov 2008)

Finding an Attorney. How and why you should find an attorney before you need one. (Oct 2008)

The Bible and Self Defense

Part 5 (Oct 2008)

Part 4 (Sep 2008)

Part 3 (Aug 2008)

Part 2 (Jul 2008)

Part 1 (Jun 2008)

Reloading Ammunition

Part 2 (Oct 2008)

Selecting the Right Self-Defense Equipment by Marty Hayes. Marty's advice for self-defense equipment based on his perspective as a cop for almost 30 years. (Sep 2008)

Holsters: A Primer on Concealed Carry by John Ralston. Advice from a holster maker. (Sep 2008)

Self-Defense Tools: An Interview with Massad Ayoob. Ayoob talks about his favorite handguns and rifles, as well as other force options.  (Aug 2008)

Justice Scalia and the Heller Decision. Marty's thoughts about the Heller Decision. (Jul 2008)

Own the Night by Andy Stanford. Tactical preparedness for nighttime. (Jul 2008)

Attorneys Comment on DVD Content.  Lawyers are asked about their thoughts on topics relating to armed citizens and how they can avoid legal difficulties relating to defense of themselves or their families. (Jul 2008) 

Network Producing Educational DVDs. Educational videos, "Use of Deadly Force in Self Defense," "Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting," and more to come. (Jun 2008)

Tom Gresham: Doing the Impossible One Step at a Time. Gresham's history and how he got involved in all that he does. (Jun 2008)

Sandburr Gun Ranch: Visiting an Alternate Reality. Marty's thoughts and experience on traveling to the Sandburr Gun Ranch in Indiana. (Jun 2008)

Tueller Drill Revisited.In the year that marks the 25-year anniversary of Tueller’s original article, Dennis Tueller revisits the topic, and how his thoughts have changed over time. (May 2008)

Beyond the Firing Line by Karl Rehn“What is force on force training and why do I need it? I have a gun and I’m pretty good at shooting targets.” (May 2008)

A Tale of Five Witnesses - Part 2. Continuation of the story of the legal challenges faced by a man who resisted physically after he was forcefully detained at a Wal Mart store. (May 2008)

How We Got Where We Are by John Farnam. In the current debate over the private possession of firearms, there has been much talk about accommodating police and sporting interests, but no talk about preserving the Militia, upon which the “security of a free state” depends. (Apr 2008)

Buying a Used Revolver. How to check for proper and safe function before you buy. (Apr 2008)

Buying a Used Pistol. Things to look for when buying a used pistol. (Apr 2008)

A Tale of Five Witnesses - Part 1. The story of the legal challenges faced by a man who resisted physically after he was forcefully detained at a Wal Mart store. His case provides the chance to study how the legal system can work against the citizen in a case where that citizen elects not to allow non-law enforcement personnel to arrest him without cause. (Apr 2008)

A Gathering of Sheepdogs. Marty talks about the Rangemaster Tactical Conference. (Mar 2008)

Remembering Jim Cirillo by Marty Hayes. Marty honors Jim Cirillo by fondly remembering his experiences and classes. (Mar 2008)

Tactical Flashlights by Gila Hayes. Gila reviews two flashlights that she discovered at SHOT Show. (Mar 2008)

Three Most Common Post Shooting Errors. Massad Ayoob identifies the most common mistakes armed citizens make that get them in trouble following a justified self-defense shooting. (Feb 2008)

President's Message 

President's Message:  Attorneys Wanted! (May 2008)

President's Message: Scalia and Kennedy get it... Instructors coming on board! Attorneys needed too! Are you an internet junkie? (Apr 2008)

President's Message: Spreading the word about the Network at SHOT Show. (Mar 2008)

President's Message: The first of many messages. The Vision: How the Network Will Work. Network President' Marty Hayes' Legal Background. Our Goals. (Feb 2008)

Book/DVD Reviews

Book Review:  Jim Cirillo's Tales of the Stakeout Squad by Paul Kirchner. Kirchner explains that in preparing to write volume two of his popular book, “The Deadliest Men,” he undertook a chapter on Jim Cirillo. Before long, the author realized that the chapter on Jim would eclipse all the rest, and that trimming it to a reasonable length would excise many of the great tales for which Jim was so beloved. (May 2008)

Book Review:  Fighting Smarter. A Practical Guide for Surviving Violent Confrontation by Tom Givens. Valuable information for beginners and advanced, from a man with a long list of experience. (Mar 2008)

Book Review: The Snubby Revolver: The ECQ, Backup, and Concealed Standard by Ed Lovette. “Some things endure because they do what they do better than anything that can be designed to replace them. And so it is with the short-barreled revolver." (Feb 2008)