by Josh Amos

Hello, Network Affiliates!

This year is starting off as one of the best years ever for the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. The Network’s success means that there are great new benefit increases that affiliates need to be aware of. The first change is that our initial attorney fee deposit benefit has increased substantially. We can now pay up to $25,000 to the attorney of the member’s choice immediately after a self-defense incident. That is up from $10,000 previously!

Next, we are proud to say that the Network’s Legal Defense Fund is now over $1,000,000! Since we commit up to ½ of the fund for a single member’s defense, that means up to $500,000 to fund a criminal defense and, if necessary, civil defense.

This month’s affiliate shout out goes to Craig Terry of Big Top promotions. Big Top Promotions hosts a series of 48 gun shows from big venues to small venues through out Washington State every year. Craig keeps his gun shows family-friendly with low entrance fees, military discounts, and no membership fees, while still bringing in the region’s best dealers who are focused on guns and ammo. Craig explains: “Big Top events are designed with the belief that when you go to a gun show, you would like to see guns. Seems like such an obvious thing, but all too often today's gun show has vendors selling clothing, prepper supplies, even items that have nothing to do with firearms at all. This was one of the reasons Big Top was founded–to get gun shows back to the basics. Guns shows should be about guns. Come to one of our shows to see what a gun show is meant to be!”

If you are in Washington State, check out Craig Terry and Big Top Promotion’s gun shows, and find that one-of-a–kind gun or specialty ammo!

I would also like to recognize Armed Citizens’ Network Affiliate “Deputy” Joel Northrup and his company Firearms Academy of Redding ( Joel started his law enforcement career as a deputy with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and is currently the Marshal of Shasta County, CA. His law enforcement experience spans more than 20 years and his training résumé is impressive. Joel has attended Gunsite, Lethal Force Institute, Glock Firearms Instructor and Armorer School, NRA Law Enforcement Instructor School, NRA Handgun and Long Gun Schools, California Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Firearms Instructor, Rangemaster, Tactical Firearms Instructor, and Armorer Schools. Joel is also certified by POST to teach tactics and techniques for responding to an active shooter situation.

He has spent countless hours on the shooting range as an instructor, rangemaster and range officer. Not only has Joel taught thousands of students in Northern California, but he is also an armorer and gunsmith. Joel is a published author in the area of firearms, self-defense and firearms training, as a contributing author to Combat Handguns magazine.

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network is proud to have someone of Joel’s extensive experience and training recommending Network membership to those within his sphere of influence!

We close by discussing administrative details with which we need our affiliates’ cooperation. The first is that we are encouraging our affiliates to share an Armed Citizens’ Network coupon to save $25 off new memberships purchased by their customers and students. It also is a handy way to track and determine where our new members heard about the Network.

The next administrative change is necessary. Due to the volume of contact that we need with our ever-growing number of affiliates across the country, we must insist that affiliates have a working email address through which we can communicate. Using email is the fastest and most effective way to share business updates with our affiliates. We limit our email to the bare minimum, so you don’t need to worry about getting multiple emails a day from me, but there are matters we need to address periodically, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation. After all, affiliates, if you don’t know the Network’s latest upgrade to benefits, how can you accurately promote Network membership?

Please email me your questions, supplies orders and comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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