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Attorney Writes About Defending Against False Accusations (Part 1). Dave Bushong and his attorney Penny Dean faced a trial and all the preparatory work that goes into prevailing against a witness determined to lie about the facts. (Dec 2009)

Carry License Reciprocity. Vice President Vicent Shuck relates his experiences applying for various permits from other states. (Dec 2009)

Speak to Law Enforcement - or Remain Silent? Which is the best advice if you are a law-abiding citizen involved in a self-defense incident? (Nov 2009)

Ken Hackathorn on Training for Real-Life. In this interview, you’ll enjoy the perspective of one who pushed armed defense training for citizens beyond a time when only police and military received formal training in small arms use to the vital enterprise it now is. (Oct 2009)

Training Women: An Interview with Vicki Farnam. Defense Training International Vice President and instructor Vicki Farnam emphasizes that a lot of women are willing to learn how to defend themselves and their family, they need only the opportunity and the right kind of encouragement. (Sep 2009

Personal Defense with an Unarmed Partner. With good, open-minded planning you may turn that unarmed spouse into a pretty good partner, even if they never learn how to shoot a gun. (Aug 2009)

Attorney's Viewpoint: Keeping A Carry License

Part 6 - (Sep 2009)

Part 5 - (Aug 2009)

Part 4 - (Jul 2009)

Part 3 - (Jun 2009)

Part 2 - (May 2009)

Part 1- (Apr 2009) 

Wanted: Convictions at Any Price. Fifty-one-year old Ron Michaels didn’t seem like a very lucky man in 2005 when, wrongfully accused, he was tried for murder. He was extremely fortunate in some regards, however, and one bit of luck was the informal networking between lawyers that put Michaels in contact with attorney Jim Fleming when he needed help most. (Aug 2009)

Courtroom Defenses for the Innocent: An Interview with Massad Ayoob. Ayoob shares his expertise and knowledge. (Jul 2009)

Shotguns for Home Defense: An Interview with Tom Givens. Givens talks about using a shotgun for home defense, the best use of a shotgun, and aftermarket products. (Jun 2009)

Michael Bane Showcases Guns and Shooting on TV. Bane's unique insights and counterpoint musings on Bane’s blog, his interviews on Downrange Radio, and programming on Shooting Gallery and The Best Defense are making a difference for armed citizens. (May 2009)

Membership Background Check Policy Revised. (May 2009)

Rifles for Self Defense: An Interview with John Farnam. Farnam discusses why rifles are for expected threats. (Apr 2009)

TV Show "Best Defense" Highlights Tactics. Marty caught up with Rob Pincus at the January 2009 SHOT Show, where they talked about his profession as a trainer (, and his latest project, a television show he shares with Michael Bane and Michael Janich, called The Best Defense ( (Mar 2009)

Attorney Comments on Defending the Workplace. Threat response strategies focus on preventing violence. The following suggestions apply to the workplace and areas open to the public when it may be cost prohibitive to retain professional security officers. (Mar 2009)

Interview with Buz Mills of Gunsite Training Academy. One of "our kind" runs for NRA Board. (Feb 2009)

Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words. Support Military Snipers and Win a Gun! (Feb 2009)

A Non-Gear Guy Scopes Out New Products. Marty Hayes reports from SHOT Show. (Feb 2009)

Network Reviews Successful First Year.  (Jan 2009

Concealed Carry in Parks? After 25 years of anti-gun regulation, armed citizens have a rule under which they may be able to carry their defense guns in national parks. Due for implementation this month (January 2009), the new rule removes the blanket prohibition, and now allows the citizen who would be legal to carry a concealed weapon in the state in which the park is located to legally enter the park with their loaded gun. (Jan 2009)

President's Message 

President's Message: Network President Reviews 2008 Accompishments. (Jan 2009)

Attorney Question

Attorney Question of the Month: When an innocent client’s case ends up in court, what part of the process holds the greatest surprises or discomfort for the individual you represent? What can you do to prepare them to face opposing counsel, the judge, and the jury? (Jan 2010 - Part 2) (Dec 2009 - Part 1)

Attorney Question of the Month: In light of Scalia’s comments about lawyers’ intellectual prowess, could you share with Network members how you view your role as an attorney in the perpetuation of an orderly society? How is that reflected in the work you do in your career as an attorney? (Nov 2009)