Making Statements

An Interview with Marty Hayes, J.D.

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The deluge of videos, blogs, articles and commentary spread across the Internet parroting advice for criminals arrested by police raises questions when members contrast Internet advice against the Network’s instructional video Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting. Perceptive students of post-incident survival not only ask why our material differs, but, knowing that ultimately decisions about self defense and its aftermath rest with the individual, also seek help to better understand the terminology, ask questions about giving statements and how their words could be used by both the defense and the prosecution, and at the root of the question, strive to better understand why one who has used force in self defense would give a statement. These concerns take us beyond shooting incidents into the far more common defensive display of a firearm, use of non-gun force options in self defense and the broader perspective which citizens who train for self defense seek.

In answer to member questions, Network President Marty Hayes gives his views on the controversial subject of post-incident statements. We switch now to our Q & A style for members who prefer the written format; for those preferring video, click the picture to browse to on our You Tube channel for a less structured conversation with Marty on this subject.

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President’s Message

Marty Hayes

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

What did you do on October 13, the announced “Global Day of Jihad?” (For those of you out of the know, that was the announced day when America was to be attacked by all the terrorists who have come illegally over the border.) Did you decide it might be a good idea to put a gun on that day? Or did you grab a second magazine, or slip a J-frame revolver into your pocket as a back-up? Did you decide to open the safe and grab an AR, load it, and keep it within reach in the house just in case? All would be prudent moves in my opinion, but they should not have been necessary.

You see, a well-prepared individual should have already been ready to handle whatever came to you. On December 2nd, 2015, two committed Jihadists attacked their co-workers at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, CA. That was the day I committed to do two things.

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Attorney Question of the Month

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Network members often ask what restrictions apply if they use force in defense of third parties. Generally, the scenario they suggest is seeing a fight out in public and, fearing death or serious injury to the victim, they may decide to intervene. Fortunately, we knew just whom to ask! This month, we asked our Affiliated Attorneys about their state’s laws bearing on defense of others.

Does your state have statutes or caselaw which distinguish the defense of another person from defense of oneself or close family?

Appropriately, the attorney who proposed the question gives the first answer.

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Book Review

Emergency Mind:

Wiring Your Brain for Performance Under Pressure

By Dan Dworkis, MD PhD FACEPEmergencyMind
ISBN-13: 9798746482327
$9.99 eBook; $19.99 paperback
Independently published by Sangfroid Press

Reviewed by Gila Hayes

For over a year, my virtual bookshelf has held Daniel Dworkis’ 2021 book, The Emergency Mind. After last month’s lead interview discussed evolving threats, the mental agility required to react and survive and warned about denial, motivated by that discussion, I dug into The Emergency Mind.

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Editor’s Notebook

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Too Little, Too Late!

by Gila Hayes

After October 7th, Israel’s government announced that they’re relaxing rules about their citizens going armed. Good as far as it went, however a surprising number of restrictions are still in place. “According to the ministry’s updated conditions, any Israeli citizen interested in obtaining a permit, either for self defense or because they are serving in the IDF, will be entitled to a gun license, provided that they have medical approval, police approval, and passed the exams for carrying private firearms,” so reports the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action.

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