Marty Hayesby Marty Hayes, J.D.

I wish I could report that the NRA Annual Meeting in May was a roaring success, but alas, I cannot.

The show was lightly attended, and consequently new sign-ups for our program were few. Gratefully, a lot of current members stopped by the booth and renewed, as they likely signed up at a previous NRA meeting, and these meetings occur at the same time each year. But, we soldier on, remember the good parts of the meeting, and forget the disappointments.

One interesting part of the meeting was getting to know the competition a little better. The CCW Safe booth was nearby, and so at one point I wandered over to say hi and chat a little. I have always said that it were not for the Network, I would be a member of CCW Safe.

They had been the subject of a similar smear campaign by some attorneys selling retainers, and so we chatted about that a little along the lines of, “The enemy of your enemy is your friend.”

Also, at one point during the show, one of the attorneys who defended George Zimmerman stopped by our booth specifically to meet me and chat. You will probably recognize the name of Don West. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and find out from him that he likes the Network and what we do.

One of the great benefits of Network membership is your ability to choose your own attorney, and if you are a member in Florida, you could possibly choose Mr. West and his firm to represent you after an incident.

This message will be a short one, and I also am tasked with writing the lead article this month, and must get on that.

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