by Gila Hayes

The first week of May brought all the scofflaws out from under their rocks. I’m never sure what starts these trends in questions, but phone call after phone call, email question after email question, the argument put forward was, “I cannot get a license to carry in [pick a restrictive state or area], but I go there armed anyway. I want to join and I will need you to pay my legal expenses if I have to defend myself with my illegally carried gun.”

Sometimes the question was a little sneakier. “What if I’m traveling through a state where I can’t get a concealed carry license and, you know, the loaded gun is just in my car and I only carry it concealed in to the men’s room at the rest area?”

The Network has always been blatantly “in your face” about the need for Network members to be in compliance with gun laws in order for the Network to pay legal expenses after self defense. To do otherwise, would be to encourage the commission of a crime. That is certainly not a good position for the Network and its many law-abiding members to be in!

The Network’s entire raison d’etre, our mission from Day One, the purpose behind all the hard work that has gone into taking our vision beyond just a great idea into a 13,000 member organization with $1,000,000 in the Legal Defense Fund, has been the protection of law-abiding Americans from over zealous prosecutors and plaintiff’s attorneys. And that is what we do.

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