NetworkingCompiled by Gila Hayes

While asking for another case of What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law to give his students, Network Affiliated Instructor Ed Santos, owner of Center Target Sports in Post Falls, ID, commented that he and his staff are teaching six concealed carry classes a month and filling them all. Since Idaho launched its new, enhanced CCW permit (see Ed’s comments about it on his blog), this license is attractive not only for locals, but as a reciprocal license, as well, so its not surprising that it is a prominent course offering on his class calendar. In addition to CCW classes, Center Target’s calendar for this month includes leagues and competitive events, non-gun defense courses, orientation courses for purchasers of different types of firearms, and a lot more.


Riley Schader at Defensive Firearms Instruction in La Canada, CA likes to make sure his students get both the booklet and the Network’s tri-fold brochure and recently ordered more. Last summer he focused his monthly newsletter on the legal aftermath of self defense and gave the Network several nice recommendations, which we really appreciate. He’s worked in law enforcement in southern California for 27 years, currently providing in-service training for officers, in addition to operating Defensive Firearms Instruction.

Liz and Shaun Reynolds use the booklet in reaching out to gun buyers at their store, D & M Sporting Goods, and in firearms classes that they teach in Deming, NM. We really encourage Network members to do business with other Network members, so if you’re in Deming and need a bore brush or some cleaning patches, stop in and give them your business. They don’t spend their time hanging out on the Internet, so I don’t have a website URL to share, but they’re at 616 West Pine Street, Deming, NM 88030 or you can phone the gun store at 575-546-9767.

Our friends at TOTAL Firearm Techniques in Carmel, NY were in contact to get more booklets not long ago.

I became curious about how their instructional business was growing, so I looked up their website at I appreciate their display of the Network’s web banner on their website. It was good to see how many NRA and concealed carry permit courses they have scheduled for the first quarter of this new year, knowing how many opportunities they’ll make for telling gun owners why membership in the Network is so important. We’ve made sure they have plenty of booklets, so their students will receive a great take home resource after they’re done learning gun safety and marksmanship from Ralph, Sergio and Mark.

Jon Thompson at Riverside Sporting Gear in Elk River, MN gives copies of the booklet to customers and clientele in his classes, but in addition these past few months, he gave out copies at the Game Fair in Anoka, MN and provided them to participants in a concealed carry permit event at his local Harley Davidson dealer.

Kevin Reiter gives the Network information to his students at Black Horse Dynamics in North Haledon, NJ. His classes cover a lot more than shooting, reflecting his history as an EMT and an outdoors survival trainer. We get so focused on the fun stuff like shooting practice and gun classes that we may forget that there is a lot more to getting home in one piece. If you’re due to take a first aid course or CPR update, check out Kevin’s operation at

Members, please support these and other affiliates linked at because they help the Network grow by giving clients a copy of a Network brochure or our Foundation’s educational booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law while explaining the value of Network membership for armed citizens.

Affiliates, if you are getting toward the bottom of your box of our booklets or brochures, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 360-978-5200 so we can support your efforts to tell your clients about the values of Network membership.