jvshuckA Successful 2014

by Vincent Shuck

Year-end summary information about the Network is available in other columns, but allow me to offer some information about the Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation (“the Foundation”).

As a reminder, the Foundation is the separate entity recently implemented to assume responsibility for the Network’s educational component. It has achieved 501 (c) 3 IRS approval; therefore, contributions and donations are fully deductible. Its mission is to promote awareness and education in the lawful use of firearms and specifically the use of deadly force in self-defense situations. The primary audiences that were in various stages of contact for contributions in 2014 included: corporations, affiliate instructors and affiliate gun shops, Network members, and other private and governmental grant-awarding charities.


BookletCoverThe primary educational module at this time is the booklet, What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law, by Marty Hayes. These booklets are distributed complimentary to legally armed citizens through the Network’s Affiliate Instructors and Affiliate Gun Shops. We believe the greater the armed citizens’ understanding of the legalities bearing on the use of force in self defense, the better it is for the entire firearms industry. Over 100,000 booklets have been distributed to the community through the Network’s and Foundation’s efforts.

Looking Ahead to 2015

We plan to extend our Foundation contacts with our primary audiences in 2015, especially with our dedicated Network members. We already are receiving unsolicited contributions from Network members but we intend to outline more individual donation options in the coming months. Inasmuch as individual donations to the Foundation are tax deductible, we intend to share specific steps with members about how to support gun owner education and the mission of providing support to Network members.

FoundationLogo-smIn reality, if a member makes a mistake regarding a decision to use deadly force or negligently causes the death of another through a firearms mishap, it damages the entire pro-gun/pro-self defense community. Thus, we welcome support from those who believe in our mission and who can offer direct and tax deductible contributions. For those who prefer to jump ahead of our planned solicitation programs, feel free to send a donation to the Foundation. I will record and then acknowledge your contribution, which can be used for your tax purposes. Also, if you are aware of a private or independent foundation that may have an interest in firearms safety or education, please let me know.

To conclude, I express our sincere appreciation for your support this past year and look forward with you to a bright, productive and successful year.