The Network is grateful for the support of attorneys who own guns and are knowledgeable about the legal challenges following self defense.

Our Affiliated Attorney list is made available only to Network members in the password protected members-only portion of our website.

We invite you to join the ranks of Network Affiliated Attorneys.

  • Share your knowledge and experience about your state's self defense, use of force and gun laws.

  • Affiliated attorneys provide their contact information so that members in their area can, if they wish, set up an appointment to get to know the attorney, and make sure their knowledge of local laws about guns and self defense is up to date or obtain answers to questions they may have about the laws and the courts. Members understand that they are financially responsible for any pre-need meeting they set up with an affiliated attorney, and are relieved to find an attorney with whom they can frankly discuss topics bearing on carrying and potentially using a gun for self defense.

The Network pays legal expenses on behalf of members after self defense.

  • Attorneys who are part of the Network Affiliated Attorneys list may be called by a Network member, a family member, trusted spokesperson for a member, or the Network's Legal Services Director if a member uses force in self defense in the affiliate's locale. We want the member represented by counsel ASAP.
  • Immediate legal needs can include representing the member during any police interviews, arranging for a private investigator to perform an independent investigation of the shooting scene, and advising the family about bail arrangements if needed. To get these time-critical efforts underway, the Network immediately sends the member's attorney a substantial deposit against fees if the member has used force in self defense.

Please join us in fighting for our members' legal survival after self defense.

  • The Network extends a complimentary membership to attorneys who agree to serve as affiliates and let us provide members with their contact information. If you have questions please e-mail Chief Operating Officer Gila Hayes.