Compiled by Josh Amos

August is ending and I want to start my column by complimenting a few affiliates. These are folks that I would like to mention because they are all out there doing good works in their own ways to support armed citizens and we think that is very much worth recognizing.


We received an email and some classroom photos from Randall Brooks from Advanced Firearms Training & Consulting in Carson City, NV. Mr. Brooks has been a Network affiliated instructor for years, and he has set the kind of high standard for quality training that we like to see here in the Network.

RBrooks1Here is a picture from Mr. Brooks’ classroom. Very clean and very sharp. This is the kind of classroom that attracts the members we want: engaged armed citizens who are responsible, educated and believe in training. I would not hesitate to recommend someone take classes in this setting.

The next affiliated instructor we would like to mention this month is Kevin McNair who owns Tactical West LLC in Las Vegas, NV (lots of good Second Amendment efforts going on in Nevada!). Kevin is a big supporter of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network who has been setting the example of responsible armed citizenship for a long time. Kevin has decades in teaching people gun safety, responsibility, marksmanship, ethical hunting, and conservation…all the things that our affiliates do.

This fall Kevin is promoting the Mule Deer Foundation’s 2016 Banquet. Here is the link to the banquet Sounds like a great night out, with great people, and supporting a great cause…makes me want to go to Vegas. I hope some of you can attend, and if you can’t, pass the word to your friends.

For our last affiliate high-five, we are going to head east, from Nevada to Ohio to introduce Mark Avery and Jeff Pedro from Sim Trainer Indoor Range and Firearm Training Center in Dayton, OH. Talk about something for every shooter in one facility! There is so much going on here I hope I don’t miss something.

Sim Trainer offers classes for beginners, all the way through advanced shooters, with options for ladies and kids. Classes teach concealed carry, rifle, pistol, legal considerations and more. In addition to the kids classes, I really like the “try before you buy” rental range where you can try pistols, rifles, and sight/optic combinations. All of this is in a clean and organized facility with good parking. If I find myself visiting OH, I know where one of my stops will be, and I hope you will, too. Check them out at

If you would like us to mention something you and your organization is doing to support armed citizens in your area, please drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This year, the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network is enjoying a great year with lots of growth. To that end we want to make sure that all of our affiliates know how much we appreciate the support. We are doing everything we can to set all of us up for a successful year in 2017. Affiliates, I will be in touch with you to see how things are going and what you need, but if you need something or have an idea just call or drop me a line.

In the meantime, I will be sending out updated versions of our Foundation’s booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law so you can keep passing them out in your classes, to your customers, at shoots or wherever armed citizens are. I have begun sending out our new advertisement posters, brochures, and table toppers, featuring industry leaders like Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens, and Dennis Tueller who are all promoting the Armed Citizens’ Network. Affiliates, if you want yours sooner, just give me a call at 360-978-5200.

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