Ayoob’s new book Deadly Force is replete with the court cases that illustrate fundamental elements like disparity of force, the Tueller principle, the reasonable person standard, the affirmative defense and how to present those and other truths to the skeptical. Ayoob’s reports often quote the words of defense attorneys, prosecutors, trial judges, witnesses, and sometimes Ayoob’s own expert witness testimony as he cites principles he explained at trial in defense of one who used guns to save his or her own life.

Ayoob emphasizes that the new book does not replace his classic In the Gravest Extreme, but is best seen as an update and enhancement to that earlier work. Deadly Force draws on more than 30 years of additional experience, much of it working as an expert witness in firearms and deadly force cases. Ayoob has been teaching the principles the book outlines for forty years.

The new book is invaluable as a documentable resource that clearly defines in today’s terms when deadly force is justifiable. Unlike blog posts stored online, a tangible book in which you have written notes, dates on which you were reading and reviewing it and highlighted key concepts will not disappear before you need to show on what you based self-defense responses.

Deadly Force also provides citations to more in depth reference works on the various topics it covers. While it’s tempting to say this book is the ultimate resource for this topic, Ayoob’s footnotes point out just how much more study material is available for the dedicated student of self defense, and members can expect some of the books he recommends to show up later on these pages as fodder for our book reviews (as well as recognizing one or two we’ve already reviewed).

Network members are serious about understanding that just shooting accurately is not enough and know that being able to articulate the reasons that shooting was necessary is also critical. At the core of the Network’s mission is fostering our members’ understanding of “when and why,” which is just as important as “how” to defend self and family. That is why we are happily absorbing expenses higher than our usual yearly educational DVDs to put a copy of Deadly Force in the library of every Network member.

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