Each has been given Network membership and provided with the educational DVD component provided to members.

As readers of the monthly eJournal know, our affiliate attorneys contribute on a regular basis to our Attorney Question of the Month section. The third most valuable reason for joining (25%) was the essence of our Advisory Board. No other post incident group or organization can claim such an outstanding array of renowned authorities on the topic of self defense. Reasonable annual costs and the experience of the Network leadership (13%) tied for the fourth most important reason for joining. Numerous citations about joining were augmented as important reasons thanks to the recommendations of instructors and friends and the availability of the educational DVDs.

Not everyone responding admitted to having an attorney to call upon after a self-defense incident. This represents an opportunity for the Network to not only expand the number of attorneys but to reiterate steps for members to take on their own to find a potential attorney to represent them. Admittedly, some of the newer members, as many as 25% of the respondents, may be diligently working on this Network recommendation. We will do what we can to enrich our members’ efforts with this important step.

When the members responded about new or expanded programs, not everyone agreed, but two options essentially tied for first place at 25%. They were the production of DVDs on self-defense issues and the development of a testing program allowing members to become certified on self-defense issues. Of course, we currently produce a DVD each year as part of the Network’s educational component. This effort separates us from other post incident groups as none has the breadth and depth of our knowledge presented via the Network’s eight educational DVDs provided to new members. The testing program is a little more complicated to develop as it would need to be established with testing consultant advice. The concept would be to enhance the member’s ability to defend his or her self-defense action based on previously verified knowledge, similar to our recommendation to view and note your viewing cycles on the Network DVDs.

This action permits the introduction of your expertise and understanding of self-defense issues. The credentialing process would expand the nature of this testimony. Lastly, the third most popular new activity recommendation (19%) was the development of a You Tube or similar educational channel.

The final survey question related to the topics or articles most would like to see in the monthly eJournal. The legal questions were far and away the most liked topic at 88% with self-defense tactic discussions a close second (80%). Interviews came in third at 70%.

Finally, numerous annotations were volunteered by members to those questions that allowed write-in comments. It was nice to have members simply say, “thanks for being there for us.” It was also refreshing to have many members offer a bit of caution, exclaiming that we should not try to become all things to all people. This was reinforced by members who believed we should continue doing what we do best inasmuch as the members are pleased with what we do and who we are. However, there was a lot of grumbling about the survey requirement to assign a ranking to every possible response choice, whether you wanted to or not. We will address this before conducting future surveys. Please be assured that each comment has been reviewed several times and will become a part of our planning record.


This first-ever membership survey was designed to solicit member input on several important issues, especially on the nature of the Network and its future. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey, we have a good snap shot of your views and firmly believe the survey was a success. We sincerely extend our appreciation for your survey time and input and grant you that the Network’s strong and decisive leadership will continue to listen to and support the Network membership.

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