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I’m only partly joking when I add that perhaps I should appreciate such people being self-selecting and joining a competitor’s service plan that does not provide education for their members/customers. Having a few thousand ignorant, gun totin’ bubbas for clients would give me sleepless nights.

In all seriousness, the Network educational DVD lectures could be the one thing that can save your butt in court. Of course, there are also a hundred other variables when justification for self defense is being judged, but education only hurts you if you go against your training. We have sought out the very best professionals in the business to work with us in providing you the best education we know of. If you haven’t watched the Network DVDs for a couple of years, you might take the time and refresh your knowledge. When you do, make sure you date and initial the DVD label to document when you studied it.

In Closing

Let me close this column by admitting that I indulged in hyperbole earlier when I stated I would likely draw down on and shoot a person carrying a semi-auto rifle who walked into the public area where I was with other people. In actuality, I doubt I would do that, but I would instead back off and likely call the police, while keeping my eye on the open carrier from a position of cover. I wanted the thought to sit with you for a while, to give you something to think about, so you could decide how would YOU handle such a situation? Just wanted to set the record straight.

And finally, let me encourage Network members to participate in our Member Survey. We would really like to hear your thoughts.

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