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The other lesson? Make peace with your neighbors! Fully one-quarter of our member-involved incidents came about because of disputes between neighbors. In addition, I have worked on several cases outside the Network that involved neighbor-on-neighbor use of deadly force. If you cannot make peace with a quarrelsome neighbor, then consider moving. If a neighbor’s misdeeds are so serious that they are criminal in nature, be sure to report those crimes to the police.

How Much Funding?

Not too surprising, another common question we fielded at the NRA Annual Meeting was, “What if the costs for a member’s legal defense go into the millions?” In all likelihood, these concerns stem from revelations by Mark O’Mara that his firm ran up a bill of $2.5 million defending George Zimmerman. Explaining the $2.5 million tally is outside the scope of this discussion. Conceivably, the state and the media could target a Network member, so preparation to defend a highly politicized case is of concern.

I believe our best strategy is to continue building up the Legal Defense Fund through member dues and corporate contributions. As I write this, our Legal Defense Fund balance has exceeded $370,000. I call on members to spread the word about the Network, get your family members and shooting friends involved in the Network. With each new member, the Legal Defense Fund grows that much closer to a million bucks.

If each member recruited just one more member before the end of the year, we would be at a million bucks in a couple of years.

Let’s do it!

* Members needing to verify that they have viewed all of the educational DVD lectures should refer to the below list. If you have lost any of the lectures, please email us the title that you have listed along with your name and address and if you are a member in good standing, we will happily replace the disk(s).

1-Use of Deadly Force in Self-Defense (Lecturer: Marty Hayes)

2-Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting (Lecturer: Massad Ayoob)

3-Defending a Self-Defense Shooting (A 2-man panel of Network Affiliated Attorneys)

4-Recognizing and Responding to Pre-Attack Indicators (An Interview with Marc MacYoung by Marty Hayes)

5-Additional Considerations When Using Deadly Force (Speakers include Dennis Tueller, Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens and John Farnam)

6-Understanding and Explaining Altered Perceptions of Participants and Witnesses of Violent Encounters (Lecturer: Massad Ayoob)

7-Emotional and Psychological Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting (Lecturer: Massad Ayoob)

8-Legal Considerations of the Use of Non-Lethal Defensive Force (Lecturer: Marty Hayes, with commentary by Rob Pincus and Kerry Tanner)

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