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The politically correct cops in his town decided to refer charges of felony assault to the local prosecutor, who decided to take it to the Grand Jury in his county.

From my viewpoint, the most curious aspect of this case was that our member didn’t call us until he was under subpoena to appear before the Grand Jury. He should have dialed the Boots on the Ground phone number on the back of his membership card the night of the incident. With good legal representation immediately, it is entirely possible that the case never would have been presented to the Grand Jury, and he would not have had to go testify. Still, as soon as we learned what had happened, we put one of our Network Affiliated Attorneys in contact with him, to help prepare to testify for the Grand Jury. As it turned out, the Grand Jury did not charge him with a crime.

Trouble with Neighbors

In two separate incidents, members of the Network became involved in disputes with their neighbors. We forwarded money to each of their chosen attorneys to represent them in their initial dealings with police and prosecutors. Neither went to trial. One involved display of a firearm, and charges were dropped before it went very far at all. The other took a plea, and as I don’t know all the details of the case, I can’t say why the member decided to take the plea instead of going to trial. Unless specifically requested, we do not interfere between a member and his attorney until the member requests additional funding to take the case to trial. What I do know is that there were two witnesses against our lone member and perhaps the stories they told persuaded our member and his attorney that a conviction, regardless of the facts, was likely.

Recently, a member was forced to shoot and kill a dog that was attacking his girl friend’s dog and him. We paid for that member to consult with a Network Affiliated Attorney.

Beyond noting that this took place in an urban, anti-gun area, I believe we should withhold any additional details as confidential at this time.

Adding up the money paid the attorneys in the cases above, plus funding for the two on-going cases, up to this point the Network has paid a total of $42,700 for representation and legal counsel for eight members involved in self defense.

Trends in Member Needs

When we started the Network, we expected the biggest demand for resources and expertise would be to assist our members after a lawful shooting. Although in one instance a member came close to shooting an assailant, we are not aware of any Network member who has had to engage another person with gunfire. I can’t help but think this is due in part to the educational DVDs* sent to every new member. Those DVDs are a valuable part of your Network membership!

Though not what I initially expected, I believe I see some trends in the incidents in which our members were involved. I would like to highlight what we can learn from their experiences. First, be sure to watch, study and document your viewing of the Network’s educational DVDs. I really cannot think of any good excuse for failing to do so.

At the NRA meeting, I met one of our members who thanked us for starting the Network. He commented that one of these days he needs to watch the DVDs we’d sent with his membership. I almost fell off of my chair in surprise! Members, if you ever have to explain to a jury why you knew your life was in danger or about to be threatened, those DVDs will be crucial to your successful courtroom defense. At least once a year, members should watch and document that they studied the Network’s DVD lecture series. If you wear out the DVDs, we will send you a replacement set.