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Of humble beginnings come great things. I can envision the founders of the National Rifle Association sitting around a campfire back in 1871 saying to themselves, “Let’s start this little club to help teach people how to shoot more accurately.” A Girl and a Gun started not too long ago, and I would be pleased to see it grow into a prominent force in women’s shooting circles. People interested in learning more can visit their website at

Member Requests More Information

After reading last month’s lead article Meet Your Legal Defense Team one of our members asked how much money it would cost to field the entire legal defense team I described. While I have my own estimates, I thought it might be fun to ask our attorneys to make their own estimates. So, here is what we are going to do: attorneys, please fill in the blanks in the list below and email it to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let’s see if we can come to a consensus on the actual cost of a legal defense as outlined last month.

Lead Attorney __________
2nd Attorney __________
Investigator __________
Paralegal __________
Legal Assistant __________
Jury Consultant __________
Shooting Incident
Reconstruction expert __________
Firearms expert __________
Forensic Pathologist __________

Puffery in Advertising

One of the first cases one studies in law school is Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company. This case centered on an advertiser making outlandish claims about their product, which ultimately were proven not to be the case. Google Carbolic Smoke Ball for the complete story. This is where the term “puffery” in advertising came from.

I absolutely abhor the practice of businesses making claims such as “the best,” the “pinnacle,” “none better,” etc. The reason I bring this up in my monthly column, is that I was recently made aware of one of our competitors claiming the following:

“If our members are involved in a use of force incident we provide the best defense attorneys in the U.S.”

Really? The best? Can I have Gerry Spence? If I can’t have Gerry Spence, then who is better? In other words, those claims are pure puffery, because no one can legitimately claim he or she is the best defense attorney, because the claim cannot be qualified. And then to claim they will provide the best defense attorneys in the U.S.? Wow, that is a pretty amazing claim. When I see claims like this, I ask myself how can I trust anything else they might say? Is their whole program just smoke and mirrors, like their advertising?


We keep getting requests for us to compare what we do to those other companies. I guess we will have to oblige, although I certainly have more important things to do. But one reason to go down this path arises when other companies either make claims about their own services that are at best viewed as puffery, and/or they make claims about the Network that are just as untrue. So, at some point, I will make the comparisons. Until then, rest assured that whatever we say in our advertising is the 100% truth, with no puffery. Besides, I can’t help but think all that smoke is bad for you.

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