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He commented that he now thought that he and his wife needed to be armed all of the time. He said, “Dad, you’ve been harping on this all along, but I see now that I have been blind.” Well, that is repentance. That is an epiphany and that is wonderful.

eJournal: That is a personal experience we just had when we sent my oldest nephew a box of Glock holsters because he has taken several of our courses and bought his first carry gun. He has finally made the commitment and we could not be more proud.

Farnam: How many other people do you suppose are having the same epiphany? Some fraction of one percent of the population? But that is a lot of people. We are not going to reach all of the people, but there are some who we can help and by God, that is a lot of people.

When I have people come to me with checks in their hands saying, “I want to learn this stuff,” I can say, “OK, you came to the right place. We will work with you.” Maybe they say, “Well, I’m paraplegic, I can’t do…” and I say, “We’ll work around it!”

eJournal: I’d say, “God bless you, you are thinking right!” And in the next breath, I’d say, “God bless John Farnam,” because you have enhanced the Art so far, in our thinking, in our skill development, and in our preparation to take better care of our own safety and that of our families. Thank you!

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