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It’s my understanding that the VA will readily forward that information to NICS. I believe that any doctor can forward an entry.

I guess what I’m saying is, “Yes, we need NICS.” NICS probably does need improvement, but that improvement should include both adding one to NICS as well as a simple (if there is anything simple now-a-days) way for one to expunge his information for NICS (perhaps with or without follow up at some future time).

I am willing to bet that there are a LOT of GOOD people on that list that are being denied their God given right to self defense. I believe its more than “just” a 2A denial, but denial to resources to exercise a primal God given right to defend ones self and family with the tools of the day, be it a rock, a pitchfork, a sword or today, a gun.

Now by gun, I just cannot justify a true, full auto, assault weapon (an ‘assault weapon’ is not merely semi-auto [that’s for the CNNs out there]), although I can see where one could interpret the 2nd Amendment as allowing one to arm himself/herself with “current Military Weapons” as was the requirements in the 1600-1700s.

Right to Bear Arms by Geraldine Woods:

“At times in early America, some colonists were required to own firearms. In 1623, the Plymouth colony passed a law stating that ‘every freeman or other inhabitant of this colony [must] provide for himself and each under him able to beare armes sufficient musket and other serviceable piece of war.’ The Massachusetts Bay Colony lent money to any militiaman who could not afford a gun; the price of the gun had to be repaid as soon as the militiaman was able. In the colony of New York, every man was supposed to ‘provide himself, at his own Expense, with a good musket or Firelock, a sufficient Bayonet and Belt, a pouch with…not less than Twenty-Four Cartridges…two spare Flints, a Blanket and Knapsack.’ An 18th-century Connecticut regulation stated that all male citizens ‘always be provided with and have in continual readiness, a well-fixed firelock…or other good firearms…a good sword, or cutlass…one pound of good powder, four pounds of bullets fit for his gun, and twelve flints.’ ”

Now that is a LONG way from today’s gun control laws/regulations/requirements and limitations. From the above quote, one could easily justify owning a true assault weapon (fully selectable auto-fire) of modern design. But then one must consider the Government’s added tax to own one of these weapons. Well, if you wanted to look at “taxes,” what are the license fees required for CCW but another “tax?” Makes one want to dump his tea in the harbor all over again!

Do I NEED to have a weapon? Probably not–I haven’t for the past 72 years. Will I EVER need a weapon–I hope not. However, it is still my God-given right to protect myself and my family, and in today’s world, I feel that is again necessary, just as in colonial times, to own and carry a weapon and my family feels safer for my doing so.

Mike in PA wrote–

In your March President's Message you seem to support nationwide reciprocity. Considering what is going on in Connecticut, I think any nationwide law would play into the hands of the tyrants in Washington, D.C. In your December eJournal, you recommended Don Leach's Oregon Concealed book. Although living in PA, I thought his book would be useful and it did not disappoint. I tend to agree with Don that nationwide reciprocity would infringe on state’s rights to self-governance. Don is a supporter of the NRA but feels they are wrong on this issue.

I fear my government more than my neighbor. I want gun rights to protect myself from government. Nationwide reciprocity could easily lead to confiscation.

Carl in WA wrote

Oath Keepers have produced a documentary that analyzes the role of We The People and the militia as set forth in the Constitution. The title of the video is Molon Labe and is feature length (2 hours). It is especially timely at this moment given the situation in Connecticut. Every gun owner would be well advised to watch the video. Please take time to view it and consider recommending it to all supporters of responsible gun ownership. It can be seen at or

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