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Branca explains that in self-defense cases, the primary witness is likely the one who shot in self defense, so that person’s credibility is critical to winning in court. The already prejudiced view jurors in an anti-gun locale may hold against an armed citizen/defendant paints you in their minds as a criminal, because in their hearts, these anti-gun jurors are convinced that only criminals and gang bangers carry guns.

In addition, many of the states that have codified the concepts embodied in Stand Your Ground into law specify that in order to invoke SYG you must not have been engaged in any illegal activity.

Although that proviso is probably intended to prevent drug dealers from invoking SYG, it also creates a big problem for illegal carry. Branca gives specific citations of a number of state laws to drive home his point.

Please read and think about Branca’s information at After you read and think about Branca’s article, scroll all the way down to the bottom of that linked page for more interesting reading from a number of well-known columnists, including our own Advisory Board member John Farnam and Affiliated Attorney Evan Nappen. Highly credible information on the Internet? Who’d a-thunk it?

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