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BWrightPortraitby Brady Wright

It must be spring because, in addition to the yard now screaming at me to get busy and take care of it, there seems to be many new and upcoming training classes promoted by our members! It also feels like “new gun” time, so I guess I’ll have to try to find some more space in the safe. My wife claims there always seems to be another gun in there she didn’t know we had!

If you scroll back to last month’s column, you may see that I made a wise crack about getting older. Roy Squyres busted me on it! He wrote, “I'm in the process of reading [last month’s column] and I see your statement ‘Getting old is cool.’ Well, congrats on the age thingy, but I beg to differ on the ‘is cool’ statement! I just took a break for some hot chocolate with the wife and we were BOTH lamenting the age affliction we are having trouble with. Dude, I’m going on 73 this year and I’d be glad to box up 5 or 10 to send ya if you would like! And I’m not too sure about the ‘alternative,’ either. I’m thinking ‘home,’ ‘streets of gold and pearly gates,’ etc. We prepare for a self-defense incident as in ACLDN membership, training, CCW licensing, books, etc., etc. We should also prepare for the ‘alternative,’ too.” Thanks, Roy, it’s a pleasure to hear from you!

One of our newest affiliates is teaching about 75-80 students a month. Following his participation in some classes by our Advisory Board member Massad Ayoob, he got enthusiastic about sharing his skills and hung out his own shingle. Greg Schlueter operates Bravo Options in Gilbert, Arizona. You can reach him and get his class schedule at 130 W Guadalupe Rd., Ste. 2044, Gilbert, AZ 85233 or just give him a call at 480-253-6135.

I need to share this brief story overheard at my local range. One guy was telling another about the latest hot-to-go holster set up and how it NEVER failed. We all know that Mr. Murphy is usually close by and any piece of equipment can fail, so I listened intently as this fellow glowingly described a paddle holster. I politely joined their chat and shared my own paddle holster story.

I was shooting in a class once using my concealment gear, a paddle holster from a major manufacturer. During a draw-and-fire exercise, I hauled out the iron and the paddle came right out of my waistband with the gun still firmly snapped in place! You know that eternal moment where you realize you have failed in epic fashion? I had that moment. What I did was pure reaction: I simply fanned my left hand forward over the strap and flung the holster downrange, then completed the course of fire. My instructor, the man destined to later become our Network President, called a halt and said, “Hmmm. Never saw THAT one before.” I was just glad it happened on the range, rather than the street.

I wish I had grabbed my phone camera to record the thoughtful expressions of the two guys at the range, as we continued the conversation. Speaking of interesting discussions, the Network page on Facebook and the Network member-only forum at both are heating up. Both contain lots of good discussions and information sharing in both directions.

As most of you know, the Network booklet, What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know about Self-Defense Law, has again been reprinted with some minor changes. Providing this booklet under the auspices of the new Armed Citizens’ Educational Foundation is the second major change to this publication in its five-year lifespan. The other big change came over a year ago, in January of 2013, when we increased dues to cover the expense of providing our ever-growing, educational eight-DVD set to new members upon enrollment.

Affiliates, please check to see if you have copies of the really, really old version showing the very outdated $85 per year dues rate instead of the current rate of $125 for the first year. If you do, please go ahead and destroy the old ones and let me know so I can replace them at no cost. As usual, if you need any materials to give to clients or customers, call or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. especially if you have news to share, or know of a win we should celebrate.

More to come next month. Stay safe out there!

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