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The defender’s challenge, then, is carrying a gun that is big enough to stop an assailant in a way that is sufficiently comfortable to carry it all of the time. To this end, Ayoob outlines gear selection, discussing materials and giving top priority to comfort, concealability, ready access and security. Later segments provide very detailed demonstration and analysis of drawing and holstering from both open-fronted and closed garments both two-handed and one-handed.

Before discussing hardware and concealment methods, Ayoob gives a brief primer on justifiable use of deadly force, a synopsis of the subject matter for which he is best known as a leading authority. This segment of the DVD provides an excellent review, and though you may have studied these issues extensively, it is always good to refresh justification for using force in self defense, with particular attention to Ayoob’s very concise articulation of these principles. We ourselves may need to invoke these concepts under great stress. Best to know them well.

Next, Ayoob identifies ten key concerns bearing on concealed carry, and while all serve as lead ins to important concerns for concealment, several of these “bullet points” will ruffle feathers, including Ayoob’s rebuttal of the argument that civil disobedience (e.g. breaking gun laws) is preferable to being unable to defend oneself. This segment will not be easy for all listeners to digest. In it, Ayoob weighs the loss of gun rights from a felony conviction against the oft-expressed platitude that it is better to break the law than be victimized. Carry legally or do not live in or visit places where you cannot legally carry a gun, he urges, proposing, “If watersports were important to you, you’d live somewhere near the water, wouldn’t you? If skiing were important to you, you’d live near the mountains. If protecting yourself and your family is important to you, I guarantee you, you can make your living some place in a free state where they don’t make you a criminal for carrying a gun with good honest purpose.”

Likewise, the topic of open carry that arises several times in this long program is not likely to enjoy universal approbation, as Ayoob expresses his views very directly. Listen with an open mind and while you may not adapt your behavior to comport with his, we all benefit by rethinking why we do what we do. And who knows? By giving Ayoob’s various arguments a fair hearing, we may be able to preemptively avoid mistakes that might cause us considerable difficulty later.

Still, the meat and potatoes of this DVD come in Ayoob’s discussion and demonstration of safely drawing and returning a handgun to a variety of holsters. He also analyzes pros, cons, safety considerations and how best to draw from and holster using–
• Strong side holsters
• Cross-draw holsters
• Belt scabbards
• Inside-the-waistband rigs
• Open topped holsters vs. thumb-break security designs
• Shoulder holsters
• Holsters that remain open with the gun drawn
• Pocket holsters
• Ankle holsters

In addition, he addresses–
• Functionality concerns with holster sweat shields
• Off body carry
• Wardrobe factors
• Positions other than standing upright, including sitting in an automobile
• Arguments for participating in shooting competition.

The video buyer surely does get his or her money’s worth with Panteao Production’s Ayoob on Concealed Carry! This is a nearly two-hour presentation, comprised of a broad range of topics, fully demonstrated with handguns of all sizes, and a huge variety of holster options. To the topic, Ayoob brings the experience of evaluating and writing about handguns as a magazine writer since 1971, his career as a firearms expert and instructor, and at the age of 65, a life of experience as an armed citizen. Don’t miss this program!

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