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Ayoob on CC

Make Ready with Massad Ayoob:
Ayoob on Concealed Carry
Produced by Panteao Productions LLC, 701 Gervais St., Ste. 150-193, Columbia, SC 29201
110 Minutes– MSRP $44.95

Reviewed by Gila Hayes

The DVD we review for this edition starts with a personal introduction by Network Advisory Board member Massad Ayoob, explaining his depth of experience as an armed citizen, firearms trainer and expert witness. It started early for him: Ayoob was raised in an immigrant family where both his grandfather and father had used guns to stop murderous attackers and the responsibility to help protect the family business was passed on to him when he was a teen. He explains, “I grew up in a time and a place where it was expected that a young man when he was 14 would get his hunting license and be trusted alone in the woods with a gun; that when he was 16 he would get a license to drive an automobile in public and that when he was 21 he would get his permit to carry a concealed weapon in public.”

While much has changed since those days, the responsibility of being armed in public has not diminished. In this program on DVD, Ayoob outlines the many duties, both legal and ethical, that accompany carrying guns for defense. Concurrently, he stresses, only the gun’s power allows the citizen to fulfill the responsibility to protect self and family in an increasingly violent society.

This is a brief segment, presented with all due gravity, but Ayoob quickly moves on to what he calls the “nuts and bolts” of concealed carry. He reprises the demonstration of large numbers of concealed handguns originally performed by Chic Gaylord and later by John Bianchi, introducing this entertaining segment by quipping, “If you’re going to tell me on a warm day, ‘it’s too inconvenient to carry a gun’ to protect your family, let’s see if that argument carries after the next few minutes.”

Don’t be put off by the loosely fit tac pants and trousers Ayoob uses in the demo. Obviously none of us are going to go around with 51 handguns concealed. Instead, watch for the various carry locations and think about the clothing you customarily wear. You’re nearly certain to find a half-dozen options to consistently go armed. While this classic demonstration always has an element of overstatement, knowing where people can conceal guns is also serious, as Ayoob points out, for anyone who may need to interdict an armed criminal. Just because a gun is not immediately accessible to the malefactor, he may still very likely be armed. Ayoob closes this segment repeating his message that saying it is too inconvenient to carry even one gun for defense is not a legitimate argument.

The various chapters of this DVD program do a very nice job of mixing action that holds the viewer’s interest with very serious discussions that require thoughtful consideration. Following the multiple concealed guns segment, Ayoob discusses the “why” of carrying guns for defense. The criminal may not carry a gun 24-7, he comments, but that luxury is never granted to the citizen, who must prepare to be reactive to his assailant’s planned attack.