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Meet Your Legal Defense Team

by Marty Hayes, J.D.

Let’s for a moment suspend the present reality in which you are sitting at your computer, warm and safe from harm, reading this month’s edition of the Network eJournal. Instead, imagine that you’re in an alternate reality in which you have just been arrested for the murder of your neighbor after a violent, life-threatening (at least from your view point) altercation. You perceived that your life was in danger, but when the police show up, they immediately Mirandize you, put you in handcuffs and stuff you in the back of the patrol car.

To further set the stage, the altercation with your neighbor was loud, laced with obscenities, and drew the attention of your neighbors who watched from their porches or front windows, seeing different bits and pieces of the action. All heard your gunshots and saw your neighbor fall to the ground. Several called 9-1-1 and before you can call them yourself, the police began to arrive. If you are a member of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network and you are the defender in the above story, here is what you can expect from us as we, the Network, help you assemble your legal defense team.

The first member of your legal team is your significant other. “Huh?” you ask. You thought I would say your attorney, didn’t you? Actually, this most important team member doesn’t have to be a spouse, but instead can be a family member or perhaps even a close friend. But that person must stand ready to be your means of communication to the outside world as you sit in jail awaiting the bail hearing.

The First Team Member

silhouettesMake sure the person you have tapped for that role knows how to contact your attorney if you cannot reach him or her, and make sure they have or can gain access to your funding resources to arrange for bail and if you are not a Network member, pay your attorney. Depending on circumstances and if you are a Network member, a call to the Network may be appropriate, too.

The second person on your legal defense team is your primary attorney. This is a person with whom you have already conversed, with whom you perhaps met and had lunch, or maybe you and the attorney even shoot together at your local gun club.