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Continuing Legal Education Seminars Back On Schedule

When Network members ask what happened to the self-defense focused continuing legal education (CLE) seminars the Network pioneered several years ago, we are pleased to explain that a new version of the seminars is being offered in five locations this year.

Instructed by Network Advisory Board members Massad Ayoob and James Fleming, with input from attorneys and experts practicing in the locale of the seminars, this unequalled legal education program is back in business, under the guidance of James and Lynne Fleming of Monticello, MN. One of the most time consuming aspects of creating this legal education program has been obtaining CLE credits from the state in which the seminar is held. With Fleming spearheading that effort, it only made sense to remove it from the Network’s business portfolio and form an entirely independent corporation for the enterprise.

Traditionally, CLE is promoted for practicing lawyers. Because so few attorneys understand defending innocent citizens who used force in self defense, we sincerely hope that attorneys, prosecutors and judges attend the Self-Defense Legal Training seminars. Still, Ayoob and Fleming have opened up these seminars to investigators, firearms instructors, law enforcement personnel, private armed citizens, and “anyone with a need to fully understand the legal issues surrounding use of deadly force in self defense.” As an armed citizen, carrying a firearm in public for self defense, that includes you.

Fleming explains: “Reported self-defense incidents establish repeatedly that emerging unscathed from the incident itself may well be only the first of a series of battles that must all be won to vindicate the rights of an innocent defender. With the likelihood of criminal investigation and possible prosecution, the events which unfold following a self-defense incident are equally as important as the defense against attack itself. Armed citizens need to know the daunting challenges facing the legal team that will assemble to represent them: what they are going to do, why and how they are going to do it,” Fleming continued. “This two-day seminar is designed to assist attorneys in understanding the complex legal and social issues to give them a basis to work from in developing a legal defense strategy. For self-defense trainers and armed citizens, it is equally valuable in developing an understanding of the second chapter of the battle. The one we call ‘aftermath’.”

The CLE seminar includes an overview of the classic self-defense case, and discussion of the law of self defense and justifiable homicide. Firearms, ammunition and ballistics, issues surrounding crime scene reconstruction, psychological and physiological phenomena occurring during violent experiences, witness perception distortions and witness dynamics are all addressed. In addition, non-gun application of deadly force brings its own set of problems, as is evident in cases in which a knife is the tool used, so defending knives for self defense is also on the curriculum.

This is an updated and streamlined version of the CLE seminars taught under the Network business umbrella in 2012. A defense attorney attending one of those programs liked it so much he wanted a repeat program, which he expressed, “I greatly enjoyed all the information and all the instructors. Excellent course structure, very informative, very valuable course to me as a criminal defense attorney. I’m sure I will use the info in the future. Information provided me with valuable refresher information from my past knowledge and experience.”

While Network members should be eager to attend these courses themselves, it also makes excellent sense to be sure your attorney is aware of the opportunity to update and expand his or her understanding of defending innocent citizens who use force in self defense. Please share this link with your attorney or print out the flyer for the seminar closest to your area and give it to her or him.

Here is Self-Defense Legal Training’s 2014 line up:
May 7-8, Lincoln, NE
May 12-13, Columbia, MO
July 21-22, Colorado Springs, CO
September 16-17, Portland, OR
November 19-20, Indianapolis, IN

For information, phone Lynne or James Fleming at 763-614-6195 or submit a question at You can verify the current schedule and seminar locations online at

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