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Public shaming is harsh! Still, held to the same severe standard would not you or I be even quicker to press non-gun self-defense alternatives on people who come to us to learn about guns, but who by word and act demonstrate that they are not responsible? If engaged in retail gun sales, would not we find the courage to turn away a customer whose statements we found disturbing? (See what one part of the gun industry is doing at If the problem were within our own household, would not we change the combination on the safe to prevent a troubled family member’s access to firearms?

Modern society abhors shaming, yet we’ve taken our kindness so overboard that we no longer hold people responsible for looking the other way when a friend, associate or family member’s illness endangers the public. We must demand better of ourselves and others, lest by not controlling the irresponsible or incompetent among us, we lose the right of armed defense entirely.

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