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We explore all the prospective members’ questions about the Network, and encourage them to phone back if they think of other questions, for we are more than happy to tell them about Network membership and how it has assisted our members over the past six years. Still, much working time has been expended clearing up confusion between the Network with other groups.

Another energy drain was the Network’s entry into providing attorney continuing education (CLE). After only two successful classes in 2012, and a half dozen in 2013 that we were unable to fill, we withdrew to try to figure out why, when so many had expressed interest in attending these classes, we only had, for example, three or four students registered for venues as large as Miami, with parallel results elsewhere.

Throughout 2013, the discussions continued and eventually we regretfully removed CLE from the Network’s portfolio. Happily, our CLE instructors, James Fleming, Massad Ayoob and Marty Hayes, formed a separate business entity to carry on the program ably assisted by Lynne Fleming.

See their website,, or pick up the phone and dial 763-614-6195 and get in touch with James or Lynne to participate in a class or if you can host a CLE program for the attorneys in your region. They already have sessions scheduled for April 23-24, 2014 in Indianapolis, IN and July 21-22, 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO, as well as tentative plans to put on programs in NE and MO in May 2014.

Continuing legal education about justifiable use of force in self defense is an exceedingly worthy program that deserves every chance to succeed. I was deeply disappointed at our inability to put a strong CLE program out there for defense attorneys, knowing that it would be one more strong testament to the Network’s leading role in the legal defense of armed self defense. I am so very pleased that the Flemings, along with Ayoob and Hayes found a way to keep it going outside the Network’s umbrella.

The Road Goes On

And that brings us to January 1, 2014 and the work that lies before us. As armed citizens, we must disprove the lie so frequently repeated that guns not deranged humans are to blame in atrocities like those at Ft. Hood, the Navy Yard, and schools in Sandy Hook, Sparks, and Centennial, along with other outrages like shopping mall shootings. We disprove the lie that guns are to blame by consistently taking the high road in our personal deportment, avoiding conflict even when we badly want to put a fractious person in his or her place. We disprove the lie by practicing unimpeachable gun safety procedures at all times, as well as providing the security of a gun safe to keep our firearms out of unauthorized hands when we are not in immediate, hands-on control of the guns we own.

At the Network, we will continue our educational outreach to you and to other armed citizens, including this website on which we have plans to add video content to compliment the pages upon pages of educational articles.

Our 2014 DVD is already under discussion, and we promise it will be a topic that will leave you better prepared to make good use of force decisions. As discussed earlier in this journal, we have a brand new educational Foundation to carry the message of the free booklet What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law to even more gun owners.

I’m very pleased that so many of you have come on this journey with the Network. Let me thank you in advance for renewing your membership in the coming year, and whenever possible, telling your gun-owning associates, friends and relatives about the Network and why membership is vital for every armed citizen. By increasing strength of numbers, we can all enjoy better protection against malicious prosecution or unmerited civil law suit.

We have a great year ahead of us! Let’s give it all we have!

[End of January 2014 eJournal. Please return next month for our February 2014 edition.]