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On the back of your Network membership card is a blank line on which you should write the name and phone number of an attorney, so you have someone to call from the police station, or for someone to call on your behalf. The picture on the previous page shows the back of MY PERSONAL membership card, with the name of Network Affiliated Attorney Tom Cena and his home phone number, and cell phone number. Tom, a graduate of my shooting school and several classes with the Lethal Force Institute instructor Massad Ayoob, has agreed to come to my aid if I am involved in an incident. Now, I must ask you, our members, is the back of your card filled out? If not, why?


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Please, do yourself a favor and seek out a local attorney, so you can fill in the blank on the back of your membership card. As I study the question of attorneys for Network members, it is hard for me to believe that with a 7,800-member organization we cannot fill in blanks on the attorney list. We have a wall map in the Network office on which pins show where we have Network affiliated attorneys. The empty spots, of course, show where we do not have affiliated attorneys. Please take a look at the map, and see if your geographic region is represented. How about trying to add a pin or two to the map?