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If you own only a single pistol, a solution as inexpensive as a $100 mini vault bolted to the floor or wall is an affordable protection. If you don’t have $100 bucks to buy one, brew your own coffee and stay away from the latte stand this month or cut out another convenience for a little while so you can afford to lock up your gun when you are not carrying it.

If you own multiple guns and are likely to buy more, stop, do not buy another gun until you own a safe in which to responsibly secure them. If you’re financially tapped out, sell one or two of your guns to buy a gun safe in which to keep the remaining guns in your collection secure.

We loudly bemoan the societal problems creating school shooters, and rightly look for ways to raise better citizens, keeping pernicious influences away from their developing minds. We promote legislation to allow teachers the fundamental right to defend themselves and their students. Pursing larger corrective goals is good, but does not provide an immediate solution. That is why we must not fail to embrace the personal responsibility that falls on every gun owner. If your gun is not in your immediate control, lock it up. Please enact this immediate solution.

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