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Light Trigger Controversy

Very interesting piece on triggers in the September journal. One point I would like to make is that having a trigger with a very short reset travel can be as problematic just as much as a light trigger can, though light AND short is a recipe for real problems. I like a five pound 1911 trigger and wouldn’t carry one with less than four. I have shot some very nice Les Baer pistols that have essentially no travel for the reset and they make me really nervous. I’ve seen shooters double with them in matches. I have also seen them double in Ransom rests.

–Thomas, FL

Thank you so much for the in-depth information on defensive handgun modifications! I know it’s been covered before but this was much more specific and in depth and really helped cut through the fog of what should and should not be done with our defensive handguns. I thoroughly enjoyed the inputs from the experts and since I’ve been a student of most of them, all the advice carries a lot of weight in my decision making process. As always this newsletter was extremely informative and should go a long way to help us all arm ourselves with the best knowledge available.

Thanks for your work in clarifying my question, this one really knocked it out of the park for me and I’m happily renewing my membership next month!

–Charles, SC

I have just finished reading Gun Modifications, Light Triggers and Reloaded Ammunition by Marty Hayes. I have carried a Wilson CQB compact for quite a while now. Wilson’s standard trigger pull is 3.5 to 3.75 pounds. As I read the article it would behoove me to get it modified to 4.5 to 5 pounds. Since the lighter trigger pull is the “stock” or standard for Wilson, I would expect that getting it to be somewhat harder to pull before it breaks would tend to be to my benefit in the case of my having to defend myself in court for a self defense incident. I understand that a DA can twist facts in any way they may choose to get a conviction. Now, the article has also made me quite paranoid. I have four mods to my weapon. 1) third party beveled mag extension; 2) extended slide release; 3) Wilson, low thumb safety and, 4) slim grips. I guess, all added up, it looks like I am looking at a real problem if it comes to a trial. I have put back on the grips that came with it even though I don’t like the rather gaudy Wilson medallion in the middle of them and really prefer the slim grips. All of these modifications are to make the operation of the pistol more comfortable, is it your recommendation that I switch back to all standard parts?

–Sean, TX