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With the assistance of Mr. Schultz, Mr. Hayes was then asked a series of questions that showed how the shots could have been fired during the fight. This then led to the jury being able to see Mr. Hayes, while utilizing a training “dummy” gun, use a doorway in the courtroom to explain the defendant’s position during the shooting. This process really helped the jury “see” what did happen that night and was good use of the courtroom facilities for the purpose presenting testimony.

Network Mission Clarified

After more testimony, the Judge called for the lunch recess. It was then that I introduced myself to Mr. Hayes. While we had communicated via email before this, I had not personally met him. We proceeded to leave the courthouse and found a local restaurant at which to have lunch. Given that he was still under oath, we did not discuss the case. Instead I used the time to find out more about Mr. Hayes, his wife, Gila, and ACLDN. My first impression of Mr. Hayes was that he was the same guy he is on the ACLDN DVDs. By that I mean he did not present himself as one person on the DVDs and yet another while in person. He had this same persona while testifying on the stand. He came across as a solid, knowledgeable person who was qualified to testify about self-defense related issues. I think this helped Baker’s case because the jury related to Mr. Hayes as a “normal guy” who was qualified to be an expert.

For years, I had sold my students on becoming members of the ACLDN for a number of reasons. One of the most important benefits of becoming a member of ACLDN is the initial payment to an attorney should a member be charged in a self-defense related shooting.

I find this very important as it allows the attorney to begin working right away on the case. It allows them to start investigating what happened, what your defenses are and talking to the district attorney about the case. This initial work lays the foundation for how the rest of the case will proceed.

However, somehow I had missed a potential second step in the process. What I discovered from Mr. Hayes was that the ACLDN will also pay up to half of the amount in the Legal Defense Fund towards a member’s attorney fees. This benefit alone could make the difference between a member having to sell their possessions or borrow money from friends and family so they can pay their attorney or having to accept a plea bargain to a charge they did not commit because they could not afford legal representation.

Back to Court

After lunch, we walked back to the court and waited for the trial to resume. Once again on the witness stand, Mr. Hayes continued to testify about the facts surrounding this case. An important issue was raised when Mr. Schultz asked Mr. Hayes about how a person might react in this type of shooting if they had been trained. The prosecution objected because there was no evidence that the defendant had received any formal gun training. The Judge sustained the objection and ruled that the testimony could not be considered.

Why is this important? If you have had formal training or you have watched the DVDs that ACLDN provides, this could become part of your self-defense case. This evidence could be entered into the case to explain why you did what you did and why it should be considered reasonable.