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Editor’s Notebook

In light of the considerable length to which this journal has grown, instead of a page of editorial comments, let’s close with some questions and answers I shared via e-mail with Network members in recent weeks.

Zimmerman Trial Coverage in Journal

Wonderful article about the Zimmerman trial! With that in mind, if, God forbid I was involved in a self defense shooting, would/could my membership to ACLDN and the NRA possibly come back to bite me/us? How about being a paid subscriber to more than one gun magazine per month? I purposely do not have any gun/NRA stickers on my vehicles as per Mr. Ayoob’s advice from years ago. I keep a low profile but I could see now where a prosecutor could have a field day with me/us.

–Michael, Florida

In response–
The question of organization memberships was raised as an earlier Attorney Question of the Month, and our Network affiliated attorneys did a great job of dissecting the issue. I believe you will find the columns at and enlightening.

–Gila Hayes

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to read that article. It was most informative for me.

In regard to Mr. Hayes' comment about "... those who ask why he got out of his car to keep an eye on a suspicious character in his neighborhood...", I suggest that would have been an opportune point to cite Sir Robert Peel's seventh principle of law enforcement:

Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

Unfortunately, society seems to have forgotten this point.

–Edward, Ohio

Comments on Member Educational DVDs

The eighth education video, Legal Considerations of the Use of Non-Lethal Defensive Force, is the first of the series that I could sit thorough without getting bored, so I learned more. Please continue this format.

–David, Washington

I just finished the seventh CD and was very impressed with the vast coverage of the issue of the armed citizen. Thanks for making the covered material understandable even to us lay viewers without any police or law background. Some may feel that the CDs need more flash, but I found them very much like a college lecture and not a Hollywood TV production. I will take the large amount of steak with minimal sizzle every time.

–Jim, Texas

In response–
Using deadly force against another human being is so serious, that we believe our educational DVDs on the topic must be sober and conservative. Unlike so much “edu-tainment” through which less serious information is exchanged these days, the Network keeps foremost in mind that any member education materials may be played for a judge and jury to explain the basis of a member’s self-defense actions.

Still, in addition to the “Non-Lethal Defensive Force” program David mentions, both “Responding to Pre-Attack Indicators” and “Additional Considerations When Using Deadly Force” (our fourth and fifth DVDs) integrated role play to illustrate key points. We hope this helps members retain the information.

It may prove helpful for members to watch the Network’s educational DVDs in shorter segments. Taking notes while watching helps to remain engaged in the learning experience. We continue to strive to provide courtroom-appropriate education that will also hold your interest and help you grasp the serious concepts of law you need to know to make reasonable decisions about use of force in self defense.

–Gila Hayes

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