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The fact that you have received this education means you can legitimately testify to the contents of the training DVDs, using the material to explain to the court why you felt justified in using deadly force in self defense.

We are considering our options at the moment in response to these wrong claims. I guess I should be flattered that they all want to compare their plan/program against us. But, instead it is wearisome. I don't mind the competition, but why must our competitors misstate the facts?

I should move on to a lighter, more positive note.

I dropped by my sporting goods retailer the other day, and lo and behold, I found the ammo shelves starting to fill back up. They had a lot of .22 ammo for sale, along with a good supply of .45 ACP. It looks like the worst of the ammo shortage is over. Let's help out the industry and be conservative in our ammo purchases when we find it available.

I would ask that you only buy what you need for the immediate future when you find it, and help the supply chain fill back up. Then, when prices fall (as they will), stock back up for the next time. (And there will be a next time.)

Lastly, friends, students and long time ACLDN members Don Larsen (right) and Terrie Williams (middle) stopped by the Network booth at the NRA meeting. We had a nice chat about the increase in teaching they do (Don is an NRA Training Counselor, and Terrie a well known Minnesota instructor). I promised them if they held still long enough for a picture, I would put it in the eJournal. Thanks for being a part of the Network, Don and Terrie.

It has to be a short column this month. I need prepare for my testimony tomorrow.

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