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eJournal: Still, few writers have given such specific instruction on HOW to accomplish those ideals.

Kane: Right! Well, we went specifically into how you can actually train your body language, how you can train at the verbal force level, how you can use touch. Most people don’t even believe that touch is a force level, but it is an important one. There are a lot of books out there about how to hurt somebody, whether that is with an open hand, a gun or a knife. While we touch on those subjects, too, you probably noticed that there is not as much depth there in our book. Our perspective is from what most other books out there aren’t talking about, which is the context of how it works, why it works, and when is it appropriate. Those are things that people don’t generally think about.

At the beginning of Scaling Force, we use silly pictures of a tool box with a hammer and a whole bunch of different fasteners, most of which do not work with a hammer, then at the end there is a real tool box with things that work together. We used that analogy all the way through, because if you don’t have a response for every level of violence, then you are going to have a lot of situations where you do not know what to do and that is not going to end well. If all you have got is a gun, then all you can handle is deadly force. What if drunken Uncle Albert is causing problems at the family picnic? Can you shoot him? I really doubt it. Not only is that going to really hurt your family relationships, if you do that, you are probably going to jail.

eJournal: A lot of crime starts at a lower force level, where we much prefer to stop it with verbalization or open hands because if the gun has to come out, it is going to cost a lot emotionally, financially and in a hundred other ways.

Kane: As we discussed earlier you can stave off a ton of problems by body language alone. And, it is amazing how many things you can talk your way out of. Knowing how to operate at the lower end of the force continuum is actually more important than being able to work at the high end. In “civilized” society most conflicts are resolved without the need to hurt anyone.

eJournal: Besides, getting involved in a physical altercation is a sobering concern. You’ve done us a great favor by discussing options and alternatives with us today, and I really appreciate it.

Kane: Well, thank you. I really respect what you do and how you get the information out there so I am happy to help.


Late last month, we learned that Scaling Force had earned a spot among the finalists in ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year awards ( It is nice to see an instructional book receive recognition, and we wish Kane and Miller good sales and continued success with their information-packed book.

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