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Or during his introduction, Jamison adds that in addition to 30 years as a practicing attorney, he served four years in the Infantry, two of which were in Special Forces. “Rambo is a movie; Green Beret–I’m a real one. Life is often disappointing like that,” he deadpans.

and Self-Defense Law Version 2.0 is very professionally produced. Two variations are available, one with a two-hour law lecture appropriate for use in concealed carry training courses. The other, selling for the same price and called the expanded version, runs for three hours and gives more in-depth information that Missourians who are going to carry guns for self defense ought to watch. Jamison’s lifetime efforts to bring concealed carry legislation to Missouri certainly lend to his qualifications as he discusses the reasons behind some of the aspects of his state’s concealed carry laws.

Jamison is an engaging speaker, and even if I never get to visit Missouri again, I’m glad I listened to his lecture. Now, if you prefer your study materials in the solid ink and paper format, Jamison’s 328-page book on the same topic will fill that need. The book echoes Jamison’s efforts to make the subject of state gun laws interesting enough to read and remember. Short stories and illustrative examples help the reader absorb the material in the book’s single-spaced pages, packed full of advice about legal concealed carry in Missouri.

Additional State Gun Law Publications from Network Affiliated Attorneys

After Kevin Jamison generously provided a copy of his book and DVD for review, we did some research on other Affiliated Attorneys who have written books about their state gun laws.

It makes an awful lot of sense for Network members to obtain and read any authoritative work on gun laws applicable to their state, so if one of these titles helps in that effort, we strongly recommend you go to one of the online book sellers and search the title and author’s name, or buy from one of the larger gun book resources for this kind of information, Bloomfield Press at

Self Defense Laws of All 50 States 
by Mitch Vilos

California Gun Law by C.D. Michel

Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership, 7th Ed. 
by Jon H. Gutmacher

Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual, 3rd edition 
by Bryan Lee Ciyou, Esq.

Guidelines for Carrying Concealed Firearms in Nevada 
by Bob Irwin, a Network member who is not an attorney, but teaches concealed carry law at his Las Vegas range

New Hampshire
 Gun, Knife, and Weapon Law 
by Evan F. Nappen

The Eagle and the Skunk, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Gun Laws Compared by Evan Nappen and Jon S. Mirowitz

South Carolina Gun Law by Stephen Fulton Shaw, Esq., Ph.D., James Patrick Kelley, Esq., Sergeant G. Curtis Moore, Jr.

Carrying A Handgun For Self Defense In Tennessee by John Harris

Utah Gun Law with Plain Talk Summaries by Attorney James D. “Mitch” Vilos

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