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So, I ask you all to resist the urge to stockpile ammo now, when you find it. If you have enough for your immediate needs, let the other guy buy some, too. He might just need it to attend life-saving training.

More Insurance Discussion

I received a call this month from an individual (not a member) asking why we set up the Network’s member benefits the way we did. He was an “insurance guy” and he wanted to discuss pursing yet another insurance scheme designed to help the armed citizen during prosecution or lawsuit after a self-defense act.

He was actually very complimentary about what we have done here at the Network, and he seemed to sincerely want to bring to market an insurance product addressing self-defense concerns. Of course, he also asked if we would work with him on a cooperative venture. Of course, I explained that we are not interested in combining our established and workable program to protect our members from criminal prosecution with any insurance product.

I get these calls fairly often. Judging from the plethora of insurance schemes now being offered, it appears that there is a market for insurance. I don’t want anything to do with it, but that’s just me. You are free to choose for yourself, but as more and more products come on the market, here are some questions I suggest our members ask anyone wanting to sell them an insurance policy, or membership in an organization claiming to have insurance to cover acts of self-defense.

First, I would ask if the insurance company will pay for your own attorney to assist you in your legal defense. Remember, it is YOUR FREEDOM that is at stake. If it is MY freedom involved, you can damn well bet I want complete control over the acts of anyone I hire or agree to represent me in court. Remember, if the jury doesn’t like your attorney, they will take it out on YOU!

I would not participate in any insurance scheme that did not allow me the right to choose MY OWN attorney to fight for me. An insurance-provided attorney will likely put the best interests of the insurance company first, not necessarily yours.

Ask about limits on the amount of money the insurance company will spend on your behalf. I am currently working on a case where the law firm has spent over a thousand hours working on the defense of the individual. I know this because they have spent probably a hundred hours with me alone, and I am a small part of the case. At the hourly rate for most attorneys…well, you can do the math. Before buying insurance, I would want to determine the level of the insurance company’s commitment to my freedom. Any insurance scheme that puts a limit on those dollars is putting an arbitrary limit on the value of my freedom.

Next, if the insurance policy is simply a plan for reimbursement, paying back your costs if you are acquitted, then you will need to come up with the financial resources to pay your defense costs up front. If you don’t have those resources, how in the heck are you going to mount a complete legal defense? Of course, if you are a Network member then you can count on the Network to do as much as we can, and as we grow and get even stronger, we’ll reach the point (I believe in the near future) where we have sufficient resources to mount ANY level of legal defense we have to for our members. We have over a quarter of a million dollars in the Legal Defense Fund now, and that number is growing each day as Network membership increases.

We will throw all this strength behind a member’s legal defense, but there is a condition on the grant of member benefits to any member that allows for the Network to be reimbursed out of the proceeds of an insurance payout if the member had insurance.