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When the first four or five states basically told the feds to go pound sand, the feds quickly (and quietly) abolished the federal speed limit. They didn’t want anybody to notice that they actually had no way to enforce such a thing.

“I personally don’t think a scenario where everybody stays put and sticks to their guns, so to speak, is even remotely possible given today’s politics. D.C. is simply buying votes in those states that support expansion of federal power, which happens to be where money and people are concentrated.

“My two cents is that we bring our families, our bank accounts, our business, our guns, and ourselves to a place where they are welcome. Those places will need to be steadfast in their opposition to the elimination of rights, and will need a strong majority to stay that way. We can let the criminals migrate to a safer place where the pickings are easy. I’d even be in favor of providing free bus tickets as an alternative to prison for non-violent offenders. We could even sign them up in advance for welfare at their destination. It’s the progressive thing to do.”

When I thanked him for his thought-provoking response, Michael added—

“I understand the thinking of those who want to stay and fight. Although moving may seem selfish on one hand, on the other you are doing a disservice to yourself and your beliefs by staying. Assuming you are a productive member of society, when you live somewhere you are supporting that place. You pay taxes, you buy gas, food and services in that community, and by extension the county and state.

“If you pack up your toys and move someplace that likes you better, you bring your productivity to that new place (Rush Limbaugh leaving NYC to move to Florida comes to mind), and in turn are supporting that environment. If you stay, you are rewarding the bad guys, not to mention the jeopardy in which it places you or your family if the need ever arises to actually defend them against a threat while you are in a legally hostile environment.

“Another, more subtle point: When I write my Congressman and Senators (and I do), I know that it counts. The senators here in Georgia are not my favorites (they are both Republicrats), and I’m fairly convinced they would find any excuse to support any expansion of federal power, except that they know their career days are numbered if they make a habit of that. They pretty much need to pay close attention to what we say on issues such as gun control. You can see that in Senate politics today – there are a number of Democratic Senators in middle America that know casting a vote for gun control is effectively resigning their office. If I lived in California, God forbid, the only thing I would expect from writing to Senators Boxer or Feinstein is to have my name put on some sort of unpleasant federal watch list.”


These members have given us a lot to think about – ideas that remain critical as the political forces arrayed against law abiding gun owners regroup and attack again. In their responses, several members asked us to research and publish details about gun laws and pending legislation in the various states. We remind members and readers that the Network focuses its knowledge and resources on protection of its members after self defense, an area that otherwise goes unserved because our nation’s strongest gun rights activists must concentrate their fight in the political arena to preserve legal firearms ownership, not on individual court cases.

There are many, many good resources for legislative information, pro-gun websites with information from organizations that have lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and the various states’ capitols, getting the facts first hand. These organization include and or the more eclectic or to name only a few. We support a variety of gun rights groups, but leave reporting about legislation to those who are on the scene.

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