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At the time I wrote this, the website was still indicating there would be a hearing, but after my donation I heard back from Zimmerman’s attorney (we have been in slight contact since the case started) and he told me that they were using the website as a permanent record and thus would not change what was posted there, but instead would make a notation indicating the hearing has been waived and they will be going to trial.

Many armed citizens believe they don’t need to worry about being prosecuted because they live in a Stand Your Ground state. They believe that if they are justified in using deadly force in self defense, they won’t be prosecuted. As we have been saying for many, many years, this is a foolish belief, because the only way you can prove you were justified is if the district attorney says so, or a grand jury says so, or if a judge says so.

There is no scoreboard that flashes “Justifiable” on a heads up display shortly after the incident that gives you a free pass. If you live in one of the Stand Your Ground, or Castle Doctrine states, you must take your legal defense preparations just as seriously as anyone else. That means understanding the law–including case law, obtaining training in the law as well as training in decision-making and use of deadly force, and making sure that your training is documented. Those are the steps that will help protect you after a shooting. Of course, having the Network behind you won’t hurt either!

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