Another thing we gun owners can do to advance our own cause, is to stay calm. I would recommend NOT buying any ammunition and guns right now. Let the supply catch up with the demand. Anything you would buy now will be at an inflated price, and while I support the free market system, I am not going to reward price gougers with my hard-earned money. Unless you absolutely need ammunition or a particular gun right now, put off the purchase for a few months.

Stay calm in your interactions with people, especially on social media. We all rail and scream when we see some anti-gun politician or media type spouting emotional hate speech against gun owners, but when WE let OUR emotions override our intellect, we are viewed as extremists. We need to be viewed as the voice of reason.

2013 S.H.O.T. SHOW

This last month I attended my 21st S.H.O.T. Show (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors Trade Show). Now, I admit that I have a somewhat jaded view about the show, primarily because of the pain in my feet associated with seeing the show! For 21 years, I have subjected my feet to walking miles and miles on concrete floors and the negative reinforcement I have experienced over the years tends to make me less enthusiastic about attending again. However, I also always come away in awe over the size and scope of the gun industry.


The main theme of the show this year seemed to be the upcoming political fight for our gun rights, but as I understand it, some business was also actually conducted at the show. There, the theme was back orders, and here is just one example. I stopped by the Nighthawk Custom booth and chatted with my friend Rob Potter, one of the account representatives.

He explained that they were still taking orders, but had really no idea when they could be fulfilled. He said after President Obama’s announcement of his plan for new gun control measures, it seemed like someone opened up the floodgates and people started placing multi-gun orders for the excellent high end 1911s Nighthawk Custom makes. I also talked to our friends at Black Hills Ammunition, one of our corporate sponsors. They too are way behind in filling orders. Same at COR-BON.

While there are no great deals to be had on ammunition or guns, but I did make one purchase. I was walking by the Boker knife company’s booth (, and I found the perfect knife to carry if you are concerned about the looks of the knife you carry in your pocket.

Now, I love my Benchmade knives, and have been using them for years. But, I am also very concerned about the looks of the latest cool tactical ninja knife if it is used as a self-defense tool. At last year’s show, I had an earnest conversation with a U.S. knife maker, about making a tactical folder, but one that looks like an Old Hickory knife, the type of knife our fathers and grandfathers used. I got blank stares and soon realized they didn’t “get it.”

BokerThis year, when I walked by the Boker knife booth, my attention was drawn to the knives you see in the picture. Nice lines, excellent blend of stainless steel and faux wood grain handles. When the show was almost over, I asked the Boker rep if I could buy them. I would much rather show a jury either of these knives than my black handled, serrated blade folders. This is how my mind is working these days, filtering all my gun/knife purchases through the filter of “how will it look to my jury.”

Okay, this is enough for this month. Stay safe everyone, take a deep breath and stay calm.

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