Remember just a few short months ago, before the re-election of Barack Obama? In my October 2012 President’s Message column I wrote about what I felt was coming if Obama was re-elected. Well, sad to say, I was right. There is little ammunition to be found for sale anywhere now. In fact, compare these two pictures.Ammo-Oct12The first was taken in September of 2012, and the second just a few days ago. Same store, same ammunition department. The first picture shows shelves stocked full with handgun ammunition, all calibers and many brands. That same store has now filled those particular shelves with other merchandise, and the second picture is the handgun ammo shelves today. Pretty pitiful. They had no .22 LR, no 9mm, no .40 S & W, and no .45 ACP. There was just a smattering of .380 ACP, .22 Magnum, 10mm and .44 Special. I sincerely hope you took my advice and stocked up.

Ammo-Jan13Now, I admit I was wrong about the reason for this current shortage. In October, I felt increased taxation would be the vehicle to attack firearms and ammunition. What occurred December 14th (the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting) changed that narrative. Predictably, the anti-gun politicians used that tragedy to forward their liberal agenda and they wasted no time in doing so. We will see how this goes, but I am actually encouraged that we will win this fight in Congress, as the House of Representatives is clearly both Republican and also the majority of those Congressmen and women are pro-gun.

Still, we gun owners have a bunch of work to do.

The first thing is to let your U.S. Representatives know how you feel. Even a pro-gun Representative or Senator needs to be assured that their constituents do not want further gun restrictions.

Secondly, we must have a strong pro-gun lobby to win the battle in the media. It is clear that most modern media outlets are sympathetic to the gun control agenda. How can we fight that power? By building a stronger National Rifle Association and strengthening other pro-gun groups. When I saw Alan Gottlieb sparring on TV in the days after Sandy Hook (and doing a good job of it, too), I felt a sense of pride for my longtime friend. I ponied up the coin to join the Second Amendment Foundation as a life member. Just the other day I got the acknowledgement back from them. The plaque they sent me will look pretty good next to my NRA Life membership certificate.

Now, I am not suggesting that everyone needs to be a life member, as many people have commitments for their dollars that are more important: food, lodging, supporting your children and such. I get it. But at least you should be a member, which takes me to our NRA Recruiter status. If you are not yet an NRA member, or need to renew your membership soon, please do so at Since we started the recruiter program we have had many people join or renew, and with each we get a little recruiting fee from the NRA, which we then put into the Legal Defense Fund.

While the NRA fights more on the political end, the Second Amendment Foundation is doing great work fighting on the legal end. Next, we must be concerned about the recent assault on gun owner’s rights in New York. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association is asking for financial help to fight the new gun ban law in New York State. Even for non-New York residents, this is important, as any legal rulings made in this case will be appealed up to the U.S. Supreme Court. There is a link to donate on their home page. (